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Monday, August 31, 2009

Landscaping Therapy!

Let's Play In The Dirt!

After months of 

chopping and hacking away
at vines, brambles,limbs and stumps,

I have decided that it is time

to make some Pretty.

I don't know what it is with me....

but looking back at my life,

there is one thing that connects the dots for me


I realized that at every home we have  
rented, built or restored,

I have installed some sort of
rock garden.

What is it about the rocks?

I don't know,
but I think it is a serious

I love rocks.

It was very good therapy
this weekend 
for me to become one
with the rocks.

Let's unload this pallet of rocks, shall we?

I will spare you pictures of me
covering the entire surface
with newspaper 
anchoring the newspaper 
with wood scraps
when the wind whipped up
and threatened to
blow all the paper away.

Then removing the wood anchoring the paper
as I spread top soil and compost
over the paper.

Then re-stacking the wood to get it out of the way,
spreading the dirt around,
unloading every rock and 
looking for pieces that 
would fit together well.

Separating rocks that
didnt want to be near each other
breaking up rock fights
and such.
Must be girl rocks!

Notice how I kept the lawn chair 
very nearby for
frequent rest and water breaks.

Sometimes you just have to
walk away from the rocks

and let your eyes rest.

But in the end

there was rock harmony.

And rock beds
where the rocks can sleep in peace.

Right now there is just a thin covering of dirt,

just enough to keep the paper from blowing away.
I will be bringing in
more bags of topsoil and compost
to make it ready
for plants.

Flowering shrubs.
ok, back to work~


  1. your yard is really taking shape! it is so different than your last yard and yet it seems you know exactly how to make it come together. i love that about you!!!

  2. it is so beautiful! i can't wait to come sit in your yard and enjoy all of your work firsthand!

  3. That looks great!

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  4. I like rocks but YOU know what to do with them. Looking lovely!


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