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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pioneer Woman Book Signing - Kansas City

Hello girls!

I just want to say
it was soooooo fun
to get to meet 

one of my favorite bloggers
and cookbook writers

Pioneer Woman,
aka Ree Drummond!

Here we are all giddy and excited to stand in line
and have her sign our cookbooks!

We were disappointed
to learn that the venue we chose to attend
would not be big enough for her to speak to all of us 
as a group.
I was really looking forward to that 
and just assumed that 
we would be getting in on that too,
but when we got there
we could see that the store was 
just not big enough.

I was also disappointed that
MM was not there,
and none of the kiddos.

They got to attend the signing
that Ree had going on that evening,
and it looks like they had lots of fun
passing out prizes and all.


But hey.
We had fun anyway!

Kimberly insisted that I  have my picture taken
 by this glamourous
cowgirl wedding gown
just for grins.
Here I am grinning.
It looks like I am 
pinching the cowgirl's bum.
I dont know what I was doing....

Here are Lisa and Kimberly holding their

We stood in line for quite a while,
visiting with some other friends who were there,
and taking pictures of each other 
standing in line with our cookbooks.

it was almost our turn 
to meet

What should we say?
Are you sweating?
Should we say something profound?
You go first!
No You!

Lisa and Kimberly shoved me up 

Look there!
Somebody brought Ree treats!
Why didn't I bring treats???

I can't think of anything clever to say
your husband is one hot cowboy!
will you come to my house?
does MM have any single, younger brothers?
because I know this beautiful blonde girl...

ok, so I didn't say much
but I have to tell you

This young woman 
sure is sweet
and pretty.

And here she is yucking it up with Lisa
my sweet and pretty daughter-in-love.

And this one cracked up the most of all...

that beautiful blonde I was telling you about?

here she is 
trying to be nonchalant...

my mom got me this cookbook...

I don't even really read your blog,
but hey,
I'm always up
for a road trip 
to the city,
so yeah, 
nice meeting you!

Here we are with Heather and friends

One thing that impressed me 
about PW was...

she sure has good posture!

She looked so poised and lovely
through it all
and I am sure that her arm must have really been tired
by the end of it all!

Lisa brought along a picture of Kellie
just so that she could be in the thick of things
with us.

We would have loved to have her there with us!
Kellie don't hate us for the hair thing going on in that picture...
not sure what era that was from,
but we didn't show it to PW, so no worries.
She has some pretty good hair stories and pictures herself!

After the book signing,
we shopped our fool heads off
and enjoyed our little 
Girlie Day In the City!

We are looking forward to
our next Pioneer Woman Book Signing...

and let me just say

Marlboro Man Had Better Be There!!!

Well, you can all let out a 
collective sigh
of relief.

I am still here.

Even though there has been no
official documentation,
work has gone on.

I took these pictures 
sometime during the first week of November.

Then it happened.
I went to a Pioneer Woman book signing
in Kansas City,
took pictures
and lost my camera.

Or so I thought.
I tore up the car looking for it.
I called the book store and Cowboy Store and Jason's Deli.
Lisa tore up her car looking for it.
I prowled around the house looking for it.
In the craft room.
In the garage.
Back to the car.
In my purse.
In the trash.
On every shelf.

I finally let go of my dear camera
and the pictures of Pioneer Woman.

I prayed that the Lord would show me where 
that dang thing was hiding,
because I did not believe that I had lost it,
or even run over it in some parking lot.
I just knew it was out there somewhere,
waiting for me to find it.

My eyes got very tired from looking everywhere
for that stupid camera.
The kids convinced my hubby to order me a new one.
Mainly because I am about to travel abroad
to see my soon-to-be-born
little granddaughter.
And every Nana needs a camera
when a little girl is getting born.

 They were trying to be sneaky and secretive about getting me another one...
I don't know how the whole thing was going to happen before
the other side of the world,

but the good news is.....

the old camera has been found.

As we were putting down the back seats of my car,
so that Kimberly could take the old oak cabinet home with her,
she spied said camera 
tucked in a crack between
the back seat and the side of the car.

I looked there.
I promise I looked there.
The camera is gray and so is the leather interior, ok?
Cut me some slack here.

The only thing I can figure out is...
it is the Lord's will for me to have the new camera,
because He waited until it was ordered 
before He revealed the hiding old one.

now you can see how the guys built the 
forms for the driveway, sidewalk and patio.

Calm yourselves,
because now I get to show you
pictures of the

Pioneer Woman Book Signing

what fun!
stay tuned!

I can't wait to show you how things are looking 
now that the cedar trim is all up
and the windows are all trimmed out
and the concrete is dry.

We are so happy and thankful 
to have the outside

I will try to get a few good shots before we leave
and hopefully
I wont lay my camera down in some obscure crack.

Maybe I should duct tape it to my wrist on the trip!
All I can say is...


Friday, November 6, 2009

Even Giddier

I think I just made up a word.


The more I read it, the more
it doesn't feel like a real word.
Don't you hate it when that happens?

But I can't think of a better word,
so I'm sticking with it.

More stones are up,
and I am even giddier 
than I was before
and I was pretty 

Except for mortaring the pillars,
the stone layers are finished 
with the outside of the house.

In a few days
after the mortar is 
completely dry,
they will return and wash 
all the dust off the lovely stones.
I hope by then,
all of the cedar trim will be 
stained and up.

It will be a day of celebrating

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

little side projects...


in between watching the 
stone masons
working their magic,
and running errands,,
and running the vacuum,
and buying groceries
and taking pictures of the
stone masons
working their magic,

I thought I would take some pictures
of the things I got done last week.

It doesn't look like much,
but believe me

it was much.

I had to sand down all the little
where one of my children, 
or maybe two of them
left their fountain drinks
on the top too long
and made the wood warp up
in ugly lumps.

But I prevailed 
and now the orange bumpy dresser
is now ready for her jewelry.

I will sand the edges and stain those areas today
and apply a poly coat
and go pick out some new jewelry for her
and then she will be ready for her new job.

I think she will serve as a game cabinet
and buffet for the table that will
be downstairs in the rec room.
I have a black bookshelf 
who is looking for a partner
in this part of the new house
and he is liking this new chick
a lot.

Wait til he sees her all dressed up!

Some of you may remember that
I have decided not to carpet
the craft room.

It will be mostly storage
with my little craft area in whatever space is left.

But I have a thing against ugly.
Gray basement floors can be ugly.
As you can see here.
This is ugly.
Who wants to craft in a room this ugly?
Not me.

What is the solution?

Here it is!

Warm, inviting, intriguing.
Well, maybe not warm, but there will be rugs!

I am so pleased with the results!

It is so dark in there, Im having trouble seeing
whether I got it all right,
but who really cares?

I love it.

Here's how it came about.

1. Hand rub the solid concrete stain with wadded up paper towels.
2. Rub it in well in small sections.
3. Let dry.
4. Repeat #1.
5. Repeat #2.
6. Repeat #6.
7. Rub with color #2, a translucent color
8. Let sit for a few minutes.
9. Dab the stain off with a paper towel that is pretty much saturated with the stain
( a dry paper towel might take off too much.)
dab out all the swirl marks, blending and dabbing til you get the look you like.
10. Spray with a 3rd color, also translucent.
11. Let this set for a few minutes while you go dab a new section.
12. Dab very very lightly at the spots you made with your cheap sprayer that leaves spots
instead of spray.
Don't even touch the floor, just flop your paper towel around, barely touching the floor,
you dont want to remove the spots, just soften them.
My paper towels were in shreds and once they start leaving little bits behind you have 
to start an new one.
13. where your sections overlap, dab to soften the edges, but you can use these areas to look
like shadows and darken them some more if you like this look.
14. Walk away, if you can even move at this point.
15. Check for places you might have missed and dab at them with the translucent stain
16. Let dry for several days.

I used Behr Concrete stain from Home Depot and have since watched some videos on U tube
to see how this is actually supposed to be done and gasp, this is nowhere near what they said to do.  First, all I did was sweep the dust off...no water was involved.
They refer to acid stain and I have not seen that any where around here, so we'll see how long this will last.  I am planning to seal it with whatever HD has on the shelf.

For an amateur gig, I think it looks fine and remember it's a storage room/craft room,
so I don't expect anyone to be going around with a magnifying glass to see if I did it right. 

Wear knee pads and gloves for this job...it's an old lady killer!

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures....

Monday, November 2, 2009


It has been a wonderful 
in November.

We have a whole week 
of sunny, warm, wonderfulness
in the forecast.

To celebrate this 

we decided to 
go ahead
and let the
stone crew
lay stone.

I am not 
going to make you 

Here it is.

Here's how it all went down.

I mean up.

One man finished off the edges 
of the Dryvit.

One man worked on the porch 
doing something,
I'm not sure what.

And One man layed stone 
starting on the two sides of
the garage.

Here they are 
busily working away.

they all worked with the stone
but this very talented man
started out with the stone.

He is a craftsman.
He is the Stone Whisperer.

he teaches the others
how to work with the stone
and helps them.

He also makes venison chili.

They finished the left side of the garage front,
and most of the right side.

who knows what wonders
they will achieve!

Will they do the pillars?
Will they move over to the area
around Jim's office window?

Will they eat homemade venison chili for lunch 

Will they offer me some?

Stay tuned.
Tomorrow could be an interesting day.

Today sure was!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk or Treat!

How about a break from it all?
How about a sunny, warm, mellow fall evening?
How about a hot dog?

What would a Baptist wing ding be
without food?

Make mine black, ok?
Ok Mike?

Just leave it on there
and let it get black ok?


The Three Amigos.

Trouble times three.

Cute times three.

Here's Lezlie looking all stern and serious.

And some cute fairy princess patiently 
waiting her turn.

Two cute chicks.

Look closely at the cute chick on the left.
Look her in the eye.
Click the picture for a 
close up.

Cute, scary chick.

Wittle Wyatt.
Little monkey.

I love it when people go all out.

Paula had lights and music
and little packets
filled with candy and
a gospel message,
and granny.

Charming Cheetah.

Sweet Thumbellina

Two Tutus

Now this being a church wing ding,
I was looking for some good clean fun,

not so much scary and creepy,

but this was both 

scary and creepy.

Here were the top 

go- all- out -for -it

prize winners

in my book, anyway.

My two nursery co-workers.

Darin (on the left) and Penny.

there are no more words.

Is it just me, 

or does Darin just have one sista?

Nice touch.

I'll leave it at that.

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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