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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk or Treat!

How about a break from it all?
How about a sunny, warm, mellow fall evening?
How about a hot dog?

What would a Baptist wing ding be
without food?

Make mine black, ok?
Ok Mike?

Just leave it on there
and let it get black ok?


The Three Amigos.

Trouble times three.

Cute times three.

Here's Lezlie looking all stern and serious.

And some cute fairy princess patiently 
waiting her turn.

Two cute chicks.

Look closely at the cute chick on the left.
Look her in the eye.
Click the picture for a 
close up.

Cute, scary chick.

Wittle Wyatt.
Little monkey.

I love it when people go all out.

Paula had lights and music
and little packets
filled with candy and
a gospel message,
and granny.

Charming Cheetah.

Sweet Thumbellina

Two Tutus

Now this being a church wing ding,
I was looking for some good clean fun,

not so much scary and creepy,

but this was both 

scary and creepy.

Here were the top 

go- all- out -for -it

prize winners

in my book, anyway.

My two nursery co-workers.

Darin (on the left) and Penny.

there are no more words.

Is it just me, 

or does Darin just have one sista?

Nice touch.

I'll leave it at that.


  1. Looks like fun! Did you dress up? Check our blog for some Halloween pictures of the hobbits. Livi pulled a total Jason. You'll see...

  2. I remembered this event about 15 minutes before it started, but luckily, I found Kevin's PHS graduation gown and wore that with my trick or treat socks with my gardening clothes underneath! It will be my go-to costume from here on out~ I needed stilts though, I kept tripping on it!


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