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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well, you can all let out a 
collective sigh
of relief.

I am still here.

Even though there has been no
official documentation,
work has gone on.

I took these pictures 
sometime during the first week of November.

Then it happened.
I went to a Pioneer Woman book signing
in Kansas City,
took pictures
and lost my camera.

Or so I thought.
I tore up the car looking for it.
I called the book store and Cowboy Store and Jason's Deli.
Lisa tore up her car looking for it.
I prowled around the house looking for it.
In the craft room.
In the garage.
Back to the car.
In my purse.
In the trash.
On every shelf.

I finally let go of my dear camera
and the pictures of Pioneer Woman.

I prayed that the Lord would show me where 
that dang thing was hiding,
because I did not believe that I had lost it,
or even run over it in some parking lot.
I just knew it was out there somewhere,
waiting for me to find it.

My eyes got very tired from looking everywhere
for that stupid camera.
The kids convinced my hubby to order me a new one.
Mainly because I am about to travel abroad
to see my soon-to-be-born
little granddaughter.
And every Nana needs a camera
when a little girl is getting born.

 They were trying to be sneaky and secretive about getting me another one...
I don't know how the whole thing was going to happen before
the other side of the world,

but the good news is.....

the old camera has been found.

As we were putting down the back seats of my car,
so that Kimberly could take the old oak cabinet home with her,
she spied said camera 
tucked in a crack between
the back seat and the side of the car.

I looked there.
I promise I looked there.
The camera is gray and so is the leather interior, ok?
Cut me some slack here.

The only thing I can figure out is...
it is the Lord's will for me to have the new camera,
because He waited until it was ordered 
before He revealed the hiding old one.

now you can see how the guys built the 
forms for the driveway, sidewalk and patio.

Calm yourselves,
because now I get to show you
pictures of the

Pioneer Woman Book Signing

what fun!
stay tuned!

I can't wait to show you how things are looking 
now that the cedar trim is all up
and the windows are all trimmed out
and the concrete is dry.

We are so happy and thankful 
to have the outside

I will try to get a few good shots before we leave
and hopefully
I wont lay my camera down in some obscure crack.

Maybe I should duct tape it to my wrist on the trip!
All I can say is...



  1. when is your anniversary? did it already pass? i always forget if it's a few days after thanksgiving or closer to thanksgiving (and i never understand the whole moving holiday thing that thanksgiving has going on). SO glad you found your camera, and glad you have a new one! double the fun!! make sure you bring an extra memory card and a chord to connect your camera to our computer so when you run out of space on your memory card we can put your pics on a DVD (and so we can easily get copies of all of your pics before you go). okey dokey?

  2. our anniversary was the tuesday before Thanksgiving this year. We worked on the house and then collapsed into bed. Let's celebrate it when we get to your place ok? 36 years! woop woop!


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