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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yesterday while I was helping Jim
build the pillars for the front porch,
there were several blocks
of time when he would say
"take a break"

Not one to waste time,
I would scurry out to my 
workshop and work.
Here is a sample of what I got done....

hello my pretty...

Hello your creaminess!

Things are looking better already.
See the dresser waiting
anxiously in the background?

Your time will come, my dear.

who said that?

OK, people...
I did not write the words
construction quiz
in the previous post.

I just happened to look up 
right before I hit publish
and there those words were...

I wrote Monday Morning
and someone else 
added Construction quiz.
I am not kidding...
this is creepy!

Someone is messing with my head
and it is not nice.

Today was very productive...

In case you are wondering
what Jim is doing,

he is building the framework
for the stone pillars
well, actually
they will be stone on the bottom
and the top part will be a tapered wooden thing.
We have to get the bottom part built
so that the stone mason can do his part.

I helped with this project.
I was allowed to learn how to use the chop saw.
There are no pictures of this 
because I take all the pictures around here
 and I felt that it would be hazardous to my health
to try and use the power chop saw and try to take pictures as well.
I'm kind of fond of my fingers like that.

I did try to cut a piece of scrap wood
and instead of chopping across the grain
I tried cutting with the grain...
and apparently that is a no-no
because both pieces went flying 
and the saw made a very unhappy sound.

Lucky for me, 
neither of the two pieces hit either the front door glass
or the dining room window 
and Jim was too busy to notice the bad sound
coming from his saw.
Thank you Lord.

It took me quite a long time
to accept the fact
that Jim was not going to be satisfied
with his boards being
1/16th of an inch off.
Why was I surprised by that?
And what made me think I could change it
by just keeping it up????

I did keep all the little scraps of wood
as I was chopping
so that I can at some time
in the future
make a craft project out of them.

It's an illness I have.
Wait till you see what I did while I was on break today!!!

ok, I'm going to hit publish and
let's see what mystery words pop up....

Monday construction quiz!

It's so nice to have days where 
the weather does not screw up all your plans.
Here is the crew working on the siding
at the back of the house.
This is the most difficult wall
with all the windows and corners to go around.
They are doing a nice job and
it looks great already!

Here is Preston putting in
the dormer window.
It is the cutest thing ever!

He also got the front door installed
and it is beautiful!
I know that when it gets painted
it will really be

Still pondering the 
color options there.

I worked topsoil into 
both flower beds and
have decided that I have 
inherited my Daddy's arthritis
man did that hurt!
But that dirt is looking so good

I think it was worth it.
We'll see if anything grows there....

All in all, 
it was a very good Monday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What House?


I know you are wondering where
the house went.
I have not mentioned 
The House

We have been working hard
on paperwork.

More posting.

I have been frolicking
among the flowers
every chance I get,
I know it's only a matter 
of time
and they will be gone.

But now, my students,
it is time for

Yes, we are almost halfway home..

some big stuff will happen.
The siding crew
will arrive and start installing siding
on three sides of the house.
The front door will be installed in her place of honor.
The last window will go in 
the front dormer.
I will paint some furniture pieces
that I primed the other day.

And then the wiring will begin
and I will have light to see
what the heck I am painting.
(pictures later)

But to assure you that we have not forgotten how to build things,

Here is what we do for a break from 

The stairs.

The beloved new tool.

The stairs completed...
except for the railing, of course.
I promise that cedar post
at the bottom is not crooked!


Here is the newly stained
old swing.

I think she looks lovely and
she has the best view of the water.
I think I will rest here a spell.

See ya tomorrow!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

College Football!

Is there anything better

than a cool, crisp fall day

and college football?

I think not.

I don't even like football

but I have learned to like

football games.

I once told someone

that I thought football

was for morons.

Really, I did say that.
I didn't mean to sound like such a hater...

it's just that the game itself
does nothing for me.

I just like the game.

You know,
the frito - chili pie and pepsi...
the smell of Nutty Bavarian nuts 
The sea of red and gold.

And this.

and this.

this is what I come back for
year after year.

I don't really care if
we win or lose,
as long as I can see this.

It's all about the Marching Band
for me.

The Pride of the Plains Marching Band.

and of course 
the dancing girls.

Here is Kevin's friend Cooper

directing the band.
He is one of three 
drum majors this year.

They are putty in his hands.

They are the best part 
of this college football day

We lost today 
but I don't care.

It was fun 
and isn't that what it's all about?

That and this too.

Friday, September 18, 2009

my porch

Did you enjoy that little tour around my back deck and front porch?

I am so tired tonight that I managed to send 
that out without any words.
No words were needed really...
I will miss my summer flowers
they made me feel right at home
here in our little rental.
flowers make your home feel real.
they make it home.
I am always amazed at the 
vibrant colors that they send out
in the last days of summer.
the last hurrah.
they are pouring everything they have 
into these last few weeks of warm days
and cool night.
I love love love it.
 Please forgive me for not capitalizing 
where I should...
very very tired tonight...
but I wanted to share the flowers.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Few more steps

Ever have one of those days...

one of those days when it seems like 
you havn't done a thing
yet you know you have
been working your tail off
all day?

I am having one of those days, 
leftover from yesterday.
Yesterday I chained myself
to this desk and
did posting.

It involves numbers.
It involves hunching over the desk
writing numbers.
I feel like Bob Cratchet,
only grouchy like the mean old guy in the story.
today I cannot get my 
giddyup to get going.

So these are pictures that
I took over the weekend.
They show me that
I have been getting things done,
and so have the guys.

Second planting island-
weeds dug up-check!
dirt turned over-check!
rocks placed-check!
Composting started-check!

This is what Jim calls
"box car siding"
going in the back porch ceiling.

They are working on the front porch ceiling
as we speak.

This is the wonderful front door,
waiting for her rightful place
to be ready.

Isn't she lovely?
Looking for ideas 
for the perfect paint  color....

suggestions anyone?
Hello, is anyone out there?

Here she is,

Just waiting for her turn.

And her color.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer's End

Labor Day Weekend.

Cast of Characters:
Randy & Babs
Dan & DAnn
Pat & Gloria
Me and Jim.
Lucy, Lilly, Sammy, Molly,Bailey
Fun, Fun, Fun

Rain. Rain. Rain.
More Rain.
More Rain and Fog.

It was wonderful.

Saturday Morning.
Boys leave to go fishing at daybreak.
Girls lounge.
Girls talk.
Girls talk and lounge.

Saturday night.
Dinner out at Charley's Buffet.
I think about this food all year.

Sunday Morning.
Boys go fishing at daybreak.

sweet little Bailey.

Bailey saying Please.

Good manners pays off.

What's that in Glo's pocket???

Jim decides to sleep in today and not go fishing with the boys.
Jim needs a job.
Jim cannot sit and lounge and talk with the girls
so Jim watches the fire in the smoker.

Babs is in charge of the smoker
and we have to keep Jim
from opening the smoker
and adjusting the smoke.

Jim says the temp is just right.

Let's check that one more time.

Jim swears he has not touched the smoker

the brisket turned out to be
the best I have ever tasted.
It cooked and cooked while we played games.
and lounged
and boated
and lounged.

Let the Games begin.


Jim wants to coach me on tossing the washer.

Obviously we are not serious enough about this game

Talk about SERIOUS.

These two came into the game a little cocky 
don't you think?

I was immediately intimidated.
They oozed confidence.
They had hats.

Look at that positioning!

What grace!

These two are planning their team strategy.

Im sure this helped.

We were all in awe 
of their focus

and form.

I see now that
it's all about 
follow through.

and hats.

The Victors.

Jim and I will have hats next time.

It's all about the hats.

Monday Morning.
Wave Hoe's

Monday morning started out
but the sun broke through and
a beautiful
day on the lake
was the perfect ending to
a wonderful weekend 
with family and friends.

How do you spell RELAX?


thanks Babs and Randy
Dan and DAnn
Pat and Gloria
Bailey, Lily, Lucy, Sammy and Molly
for a wonderful
weekend at the lake.

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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