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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer's End

Labor Day Weekend.

Cast of Characters:
Randy & Babs
Dan & DAnn
Pat & Gloria
Me and Jim.
Lucy, Lilly, Sammy, Molly,Bailey
Fun, Fun, Fun

Rain. Rain. Rain.
More Rain.
More Rain and Fog.

It was wonderful.

Saturday Morning.
Boys leave to go fishing at daybreak.
Girls lounge.
Girls talk.
Girls talk and lounge.

Saturday night.
Dinner out at Charley's Buffet.
I think about this food all year.

Sunday Morning.
Boys go fishing at daybreak.

sweet little Bailey.

Bailey saying Please.

Good manners pays off.

What's that in Glo's pocket???

Jim decides to sleep in today and not go fishing with the boys.
Jim needs a job.
Jim cannot sit and lounge and talk with the girls
so Jim watches the fire in the smoker.

Babs is in charge of the smoker
and we have to keep Jim
from opening the smoker
and adjusting the smoke.

Jim says the temp is just right.

Let's check that one more time.

Jim swears he has not touched the smoker

the brisket turned out to be
the best I have ever tasted.
It cooked and cooked while we played games.
and lounged
and boated
and lounged.

Let the Games begin.


Jim wants to coach me on tossing the washer.

Obviously we are not serious enough about this game

Talk about SERIOUS.

These two came into the game a little cocky 
don't you think?

I was immediately intimidated.
They oozed confidence.
They had hats.

Look at that positioning!

What grace!

These two are planning their team strategy.

Im sure this helped.

We were all in awe 
of their focus

and form.

I see now that
it's all about 
follow through.

and hats.

The Victors.

Jim and I will have hats next time.

It's all about the hats.

Monday Morning.
Wave Hoe's

Monday morning started out
but the sun broke through and
a beautiful
day on the lake
was the perfect ending to
a wonderful weekend 
with family and friends.

How do you spell RELAX?


thanks Babs and Randy
Dan and DAnn
Pat and Gloria
Bailey, Lily, Lucy, Sammy and Molly
for a wonderful
weekend at the lake.

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  1. Looks like a BLAST and GREAT memories. Also love how you spelled WAVE HOE'S! I'm usin' that one, sister! You put a new spin on it you clever girl! lol


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