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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Few more steps

Ever have one of those days...

one of those days when it seems like 
you havn't done a thing
yet you know you have
been working your tail off
all day?

I am having one of those days, 
leftover from yesterday.
Yesterday I chained myself
to this desk and
did posting.

It involves numbers.
It involves hunching over the desk
writing numbers.
I feel like Bob Cratchet,
only grouchy like the mean old guy in the story.
today I cannot get my 
giddyup to get going.

So these are pictures that
I took over the weekend.
They show me that
I have been getting things done,
and so have the guys.

Second planting island-
weeds dug up-check!
dirt turned over-check!
rocks placed-check!
Composting started-check!

This is what Jim calls
"box car siding"
going in the back porch ceiling.

They are working on the front porch ceiling
as we speak.

This is the wonderful front door,
waiting for her rightful place
to be ready.

Isn't she lovely?
Looking for ideas 
for the perfect paint  color....

suggestions anyone?
Hello, is anyone out there?

Here she is,

Just waiting for her turn.

And her color.


  1. i say you should paint the door something sassy and unexpected. what color is the rest of the house gonna be?

  2. i'm not anonymous. i'm kimberly.

  3. hello anonymous! you crack me up! it can't be red because the glass in the door has some opalescense going on which includes some pink tones. We didn't know it was going to have that from the picture in the catalogue, but it looks kind of cool. I'm leaning toward a dark teal or green. The rest of the house is going to be kind of a med putty brownish gray. How's that for confusing. IT's called Texas leather and it's a Benjamin Moore color. there will also be stone, stucco and stained cedar trim. Thanks for writing, anonymous! it gets lonely out here in blogworld! I'll be thinking about the whole sassy and unexpected thing....

  4. oh, i love your door! it is beautiful! i'm w/ blee, sassy is best! i like the thought of teal! yummy! i also like the "box car siding" on your porch! fun! i need another further off shot so i can see how each porch sits in relation to the house. sometimes when i talk about or think about being with you guys i get confused about where you live, because where i grew up always comes to mind, then you're other house comes to mind and i don't really imagine you living where you are living b/c i don't remember what it looks like, so i get all confused. but matt asked ME the other day where his dad lives now (he's moved a lot over the years) so i guess it could be worse.

  5. good job, you changed the color successfully! i kind of like the simplicity of the solid color. classy. very classy you are.

  6. Teal! I agree. Sounds lovely.

    I'll resist the urge to say "STAIN IT DEEP WALNUT BROWN", because I know I'm outnumbered on this forum ;)


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