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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

who said that?

OK, people...
I did not write the words
construction quiz
in the previous post.

I just happened to look up 
right before I hit publish
and there those words were...

I wrote Monday Morning
and someone else 
added Construction quiz.
I am not kidding...
this is creepy!

Someone is messing with my head
and it is not nice.

Today was very productive...

In case you are wondering
what Jim is doing,

he is building the framework
for the stone pillars
well, actually
they will be stone on the bottom
and the top part will be a tapered wooden thing.
We have to get the bottom part built
so that the stone mason can do his part.

I helped with this project.
I was allowed to learn how to use the chop saw.
There are no pictures of this 
because I take all the pictures around here
 and I felt that it would be hazardous to my health
to try and use the power chop saw and try to take pictures as well.
I'm kind of fond of my fingers like that.

I did try to cut a piece of scrap wood
and instead of chopping across the grain
I tried cutting with the grain...
and apparently that is a no-no
because both pieces went flying 
and the saw made a very unhappy sound.

Lucky for me, 
neither of the two pieces hit either the front door glass
or the dining room window 
and Jim was too busy to notice the bad sound
coming from his saw.
Thank you Lord.

It took me quite a long time
to accept the fact
that Jim was not going to be satisfied
with his boards being
1/16th of an inch off.
Why was I surprised by that?
And what made me think I could change it
by just keeping it up????

I did keep all the little scraps of wood
as I was chopping
so that I can at some time
in the future
make a craft project out of them.

It's an illness I have.
Wait till you see what I did while I was on break today!!!

ok, I'm going to hit publish and
let's see what mystery words pop up....

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