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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pioneer Woman Book Signing - Kansas City

Hello girls!

I just want to say
it was soooooo fun
to get to meet 

one of my favorite bloggers
and cookbook writers

Pioneer Woman,
aka Ree Drummond!

Here we are all giddy and excited to stand in line
and have her sign our cookbooks!

We were disappointed
to learn that the venue we chose to attend
would not be big enough for her to speak to all of us 
as a group.
I was really looking forward to that 
and just assumed that 
we would be getting in on that too,
but when we got there
we could see that the store was 
just not big enough.

I was also disappointed that
MM was not there,
and none of the kiddos.

They got to attend the signing
that Ree had going on that evening,
and it looks like they had lots of fun
passing out prizes and all.


But hey.
We had fun anyway!

Kimberly insisted that I  have my picture taken
 by this glamourous
cowgirl wedding gown
just for grins.
Here I am grinning.
It looks like I am 
pinching the cowgirl's bum.
I dont know what I was doing....

Here are Lisa and Kimberly holding their

We stood in line for quite a while,
visiting with some other friends who were there,
and taking pictures of each other 
standing in line with our cookbooks.

it was almost our turn 
to meet

What should we say?
Are you sweating?
Should we say something profound?
You go first!
No You!

Lisa and Kimberly shoved me up 

Look there!
Somebody brought Ree treats!
Why didn't I bring treats???

I can't think of anything clever to say
your husband is one hot cowboy!
will you come to my house?
does MM have any single, younger brothers?
because I know this beautiful blonde girl...

ok, so I didn't say much
but I have to tell you

This young woman 
sure is sweet
and pretty.

And here she is yucking it up with Lisa
my sweet and pretty daughter-in-love.

And this one cracked up the most of all...

that beautiful blonde I was telling you about?

here she is 
trying to be nonchalant...

my mom got me this cookbook...

I don't even really read your blog,
but hey,
I'm always up
for a road trip 
to the city,
so yeah, 
nice meeting you!

Here we are with Heather and friends

One thing that impressed me 
about PW was...

she sure has good posture!

She looked so poised and lovely
through it all
and I am sure that her arm must have really been tired
by the end of it all!

Lisa brought along a picture of Kellie
just so that she could be in the thick of things
with us.

We would have loved to have her there with us!
Kellie don't hate us for the hair thing going on in that picture...
not sure what era that was from,
but we didn't show it to PW, so no worries.
She has some pretty good hair stories and pictures herself!

After the book signing,
we shopped our fool heads off
and enjoyed our little 
Girlie Day In the City!

We are looking forward to
our next Pioneer Woman Book Signing...

and let me just say

Marlboro Man Had Better Be There!!!

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  1. I laughed SO hard at your comment about blee trying to look non chalant!!!!! she's not exactly known for that skill . . . :) i don't mind my weird hair in the photo you had with you, i just enjoyed seeing myself back when i was THINNER! it's encouraging to know that I had a chin once, before my neck just sort of blended into my face! i've missed your blog! i enjoyed reading about your trip. i think a book signing would be so awkward. i could probably rival blee's expression and level of discomfort!


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