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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello friends.
I know, I know,
it's been a long time.

There is much progress 
out at the cedars.
I have pictures to prove it.

But for some reason
my camera is not wanting to
let go of the pictures.

It may be a couple of 
dead batteries.

It may be a full moon.

It may be menopause.

But there it is.

No pictures.

Let me tell you
about it instead.

The deck floor is almost finished.
The soffits are almost finished.
The windows are almost all installed.
Hubs is almost finished measuring for cedar trim boards.

I have been staining the cedar beams that hold up
the deck.

I have been stripping the finish off
an old oak bedroom set
so that I can paint it white.

Yes, Lisa I know you are cringing...
I can hear you!
Trust me,
this hinky orange-y oak-ish
orphan furniture
will be 
lovely and loved
once again!

I am building my first flower bed
among the trees in the front yard.

I am spraying the weeds and vines again
and continuing to chop
and trim cedars.

cannot get the black
stuff out from under my 

But I don't care.

My house is very dirty.

But I don't care.

We are moving forward.

Pictures at 11:00!


  1. Hi mary beth. I replied to your comment on my blog, please go take a look. I hope it helps.

    Good luck with your camera woes!

  2. Not me! No cringing at all. Not here. No way. LOL. Except I really did for just a second!! Then I remembered the furniture you were talking about and decided you were right.

  3. why would she cringe? i hate oak. i would paint over it in a second! which set are you talking about? do i know it? oak is strangely absent here and i don't mind one bit. but then again, real wood is strangely absent from our house actually. thanks for the post. exciting progress!

  4. it's your old bedroom set, minus the one with the oval mirror...I think I will just give that one away, the room it goes in just isn't big enough I think. I will also be stripping the kitchen table and chairs and painting them black, as well as a long dresser. I am feeling overwhelmed by those but I have to press on as long as the cooler weather continues. Who knows when I will get back to it, once Dad puts me on wiring assistant duties! Right now my big problem is picking the right white..who knew there were so many???

  5. Good for you! Oak needs paint, in my opinion!

  6. I have just installed iStripper, so I can have the sexiest virtual strippers strip-tease on my taskbar.


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