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Monday, August 10, 2009


What do you get

when you look to the left
and you look to the right
and then you 

back straight 



You get this.


Let's try looking at it
from another angle.

I am currently trying 
to think of something funny
about this.

The only funny thing I can think of
is that I got out of the car,
went to the back and looked
and did not see this.

I was looking at 
the bumper.

There was nothing there.
Nary a scratch.

I even said a prayer of thanks to the 
Good Lord
for protecting my little car 
from that mean old tree.

And I put my rubber boots on
and got to work 
picking up trash 
and throwing it on the fire.

Feeling proud
of my strong little car 
and her strong little bumper.

Of course, 

my trusty son
the one who sees 
and knows
came over

 and the first words
out of his mouth were

MOM  what did you do to your car????

What do you mean?

Well, ok, I did back into a tree.

But I checked!
there was nothing there.
Whew, I said.

Lucky me!

Husband and Son dash outside
to inspect the damage.

Husband predicts
$1000 - $2000

in damage.

Husband and Son cannot believe I didn't see this.

I even opened the back hatch to put my boots away.
And did not see it.

The  only thing that is keeping me out of the doghouse
is the fact that

Husband has a big dent 
in the passenger side door of his
Chevy Silverado
from when he

backed into a tree
several months ago.

I'm not  laughing.
I'm just chuckling inside.


  1. Oh dear, MIL. That's no bueno. Were you at home or at the farm? What did you say when you backed into the tree? Was it the same thing you said when you backed into the wall the night of Kellie's rehearsal dinner? Naughty Nana. LOL. Glad you're not in trouble!

  2. oh my goodness! that is so funny. there's probably some really good spiritual analogy here. i find spiritual analogies to be really helpful like that sometimes. :)

  3. Dear DIL...I didn't say any bad words if that's what you're implying here...I'm on antidepressants now you know! hahaha. Never a dull moment around here. As for the Spiritual implications Blee, I'm still working on that angle. Was God chuckling when he heard my prayer of thanks? probably just shaking His head! :)

  4. i don't remember you backing into a wall the night of my rehearsal. why don't i remember that? probably because that night made me cry and i have chosen to block out most of it. . . ? we were telling the girls here about it the other day and laughed about it. our poor little car here has lots of scratches. We've both also been in a fender bender. i think it's just normal here though. everyone's car seems to have some "issues". we could get that fixed for you over here for way less. . . :)

  5. Just think about it this way...at least you didn't break the window...that would have cost a lot more.


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