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Thursday, August 13, 2009

hit the fast forward button!

I am counting my blessings,
naming them one by one....

Since this picture was taken,
there are floor boards in place
ready for the composite decking
that is laying in a pile on the ground.

The two beautiful arched windows
are installed in the
dining room
and Jim's office.

The reports are back
on the lawn mower.

Experts have deduced 
that it was not my fault
that the thing died
while I was using it.

It''s been in sick bay 
for two weeks now
today I went out all ready to mow
when one of the tires
indicated that it did not want to mow today
and hubs was too busy with his
cleanup project
to go get it fixed
so I didn't have to mow.

Final stages of repair.
Yesterday I swept the entire house.
It took me all day.

I have two large blisters
and some very sore muscles.

I got up all the rubble, sawdust, nails
empty energy drink bottles
and general trash.

Today, I picked up nails outside and
Jim spent the entire day
picking up trash,
loading up extra lumber 
for the lumber yard to take back.

It looks a lot better with all the lumber and debris gone.
Tomorrow I will mow, hopefully
and stain the cedar poles holding up the deck floor and roof.

The framing team has pulled off for a week
to work on some other projects
so it will be quiet.
Very quiet.

I like that.

When they return
they will put the floor on the deck
and build the stairs coming off the deck.

Install the last two windows and
install soffits.

Then maybe the front door.

Then siding and cedar trim.


Life is Good.


  1. wow!!! looks like a real house!!! what happened with the mower? don't take any blame. pretend like you're an arab and blame everyone else! it was the professor in the library with the candlestick!!!

  2. you must be busy, cause i keep checking for a new update, but none comes. no pressure, just want you to know that i check it probably at least every day and i LOVE reading every post you put up! 'Cause you're awesome! And 'cause you don't email me now that you're a high tech blogger in demand! :)


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