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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Skype Shower for Kellie and Maya


the sweetest thing happened.

My friend Debi 
threw a baby shower
for my daughter Kellie and her first baby,
Maya Grace.

The thing is,
Kellie lives over 1000 miles away
and we havn't seen her in
2 1/2 years.

Meet Todd, our 
computer guru.
Patient Todd who allowed us to download
Skype software onto his laptop
so that Kellie could see us and we could see her.

Todd ran the sound through the system in the fellowship hall
of our church, and projected Kellie's picture 
up on a large screen.
Everyone could see and hear her, 
and she could see us through the camera on Todd's laptop!

Thank you Todd for all your hard work and
giving up Sunday afternoon so that we could 
spend the day with Kellie!

Here she is!

What would a shower be 
without food???


and delicious punch
made with Cherry Limeade Sherbert and

Oooooh ahhhhh!

Here are some of the ladies...

Sue and Sue


Holly and Shawnee

Debi and DeLane

Missy and Lezlie

We had to compare bellies too!

DeLane is due 11/11 and Kellie is due 12/7

Debi read a sweet devotional to us all...

Debi had prepared baggies 
complete with threaded needle, thread, 
baby socks and little 
embelishments to be sewn onto the socks,
like buttons, bows, little tiny jewels.

The ladies sewed the little pretties onto
the socks instead of playing a game.

What a great idea!

Now Maya has the biggest, cutest collection of socks
in the world!!!

It reminded me of a quilting bee,
the ladies talked and laughed
and sewed up a storm!

Debi had made these letters to decorate the table
and they are for Maya's room as well.

So cute!

and she grew an extra hand while she was at it!

A baby sleeper with a tutu!

A soft little headband with a big pink bow to clip into it!

Doris had a bunch of little gifts to show off
and she kept getting closer and closer to the computer...

Doris you are so cute!

Wake Up Todd!



Lisa made a little basket of her favorite books
and Livi loved holding them up for Kellie to see.

Such cuteness!

Words are not big enough 
to tell how much this shower blessed Kellie 
and me too.

To know that she is so loved and remembered
means so much to us both!

Such dear friends!

We will never forget it!

Kellie and Matt and Maya 

you are loved.


  1. You girls are all so WONDERFUL! Matt was sad that he missed all the fun and wanted you all to know how grateful he is too! THANK YOU!

  2. I forgot to mention the host of people at TBC who pitched in to help buy the stroller that you and Matt have picked out! Blessings Abound!
    I can't wait to get the little pink things and look at them again! I need to make a list before I enter another store with baby goods in it, or I will come out with a bag full of sleeper/tutu thingies! FUN PINKNESS AHEAD!


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