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Monday, October 5, 2009


We could not have asked 
for a more beautiful weekend!

Lots of random things got done around here
well, some things got started...
I started taking down the summer decorations.

I have put it off as long as I could..
I could not bring myself to put away 
the cool blues and the seashells
but it is October after all 
and if I intend to enjoy the 
warm fall colors
before Christmas is upon us,
I have to do it soon!

So I gathered up the summerness
and piled it on the dining room table!
One step at a time, ok?

I want to point out that the siding crew
got the entire back of the house done
Friday it was so windy they had to quit
and did not start  on the side,
but today they were back at it,
and finished the north side completely!

I learned how to use the 
chop saw last week.

Actually it's the compound mitre saw,
but the construction guys call it
the chop saw.

Im on the team now, so I can talk like they do, right?

Here's what I did with the 
chop saw.
I chopped.

You will have to wait a couple of months
to find out what will become of this little pile
of treasures!

Here is the saw.

Jim hauled several of his storage shelves over
and is almost giddy
about having a place to store his tools
and equipment!

I managed to get some glaze on the drawers 
and sand some of the edges down.
You can't really tell what the color looks like,
but neither can I...the light down there is

I think I may have to redo some of them!

The dresser in the background is still
plain white, so you can kind of see the difference.

Here is the egress window.

Remember on the last house
how plain and boring they were?
I dreamed of painting a mural on each one,
but alas, it never came to be.

This time, I am trying to just
create a pretty looking wall 
with some stain.
I used three different colors
and it turned out
kind of like a 
terra cotta looking wall.

I'm not sure if this is finished,
but it sure looks better than it did before I started!

I can kind of visualize some old pots and maybe a ladder
or some kind of iron work in there..
what do you think??

In between all that,
I got 5 more bags of topsoil
dumped into my two flowerbeds
and worked that in.
And then worked in a tub full of compost

They are lookin good!

Today Dad and I spent the entire day
building  the main pillar on the front porch
and getting some trim boards up.

It was so cold this morning,
I was forced to put socks and shoes on 
for the first time in months! 

I wore the hiking boots 
that I worked in last winter
and my feet and legs are killing me!

Good bye dear flip flops!
I will miss you!!!

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