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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tired but happy...

Sometimes you feel like you are wading in mud with concrete shoes on and sometimes you don't.
That should be in a quote book somewhere right?  This is not one of those days.  We had such a productive dash to the city and back!  Jim was able to study  the heat and air system on "our" house and study windows (again).  I found the red dining room I was searching for. I cannot begin to tell you how happy that made me...just ask Jim.   How does the color "Fireweed" strike you?  It strikes me down with giddiness!

 But the best part was pure happenstance..if you believe in that sort of thing.  We went back to our dream- exterior house, armed with the paint color book, hoping to learn the name of the color they used.  We rang the doorbell..no answer. Just as we were turning to leave, a car pulled into the driveway.   The couple were friends of the house owners, and the guy just happened to be a PSU alum, all friendly and chatting.   When the house owner came to the door  she was happy to share the name of the paint color, even went to the basement to get us a tiny little chip of it...then she said, heck, go on down there and look at the paint cans if you want.  She actually remembered the paint names, the stone name, the stain name.  Her hubby came up from watching the KU game and told us exactly where they got the stone.  Now THAT'S friendly!  I just wanted to hug them and bring them gifts!  Instead, I  floated to the car and offered up a prayer of thanks.  This was big folks. Real big.  The paint-stone-cedar stain combo on this house is what kept drawing us back there again and again. It is so big.

Almost as big as discovering HOME GOODS.  I had heard of this magical place in my blogging excursions and was curiouser and curiouser to find one and bask in the magic.  It was worth all the waiting and wondering.  It is TJMaxx on steroids.  I blew my new year's resolution in there. Don't ask.  Just believe me when I say I will be going there again and again.  I am in LUV.

We even squeezed in a stroll through the Devil Store.  It sapped all our strength, as usual and we had to run to Taco Bell for a Pepsi/taco infusion before we could get our focus back.  Good thing there is no hurry in that department, we have furniture.  It's  a house we don't have.

I have no pictures of this venture.  Just the ones in my head.  Drat and shame on me for not having my camera in my hands when Jim climbed up on the kitchen counter to study the cool beams they had up on the ceiling.  And oh my goodness you would have loved the sight of Jim sitting in the corner bathtub to see if he could really fit in one of those.  I was too busy standing guard at the door to take pictures anyway.  Just use your imagination on that one!  

Ah it was such a good day.  As we were walking back to the truck we could hear Spring Frogs singing to us in the distance.  We saw some daffodils blooming.  I discovered "Fireweed".
Does it get any better than that???

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  1. Is fireweed inspired by Jim's tendency to catch things on fire


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