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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homecoming Day

Today I am sweeping,
and scrubbing,
and sanding

a little family
of three
who are soaring up in the clouds,
winding their way back home.

We will have them
for a few short months
and will share them
with so many friends and family
who love them too.

I will have to wait a while
to gather them up in my arms,
but until then
I am gathering them up
in my heart,
and praying them home
while I sweep.

Go with God
sweet little family of mine!


  1. we knew the answers to your prayers in SUCH real ways. i had the big d for 3 days before we flew, it stopped the evening we left and resumed the evening we got here, but NOTHING while we traveled! Also, i had some funky eye thing developing as we left and it just went away after we were on the plane! Serious! Maya was amazing and hardly cried (and hardly slept)! And is already on a regular schedule here! CRAAAAZY! We can't wait to see you . . .


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