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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Man Toys

You girls who use saws
do not write to me in protest
because in my world,
these are Man Tools..

I have used the Chop Saw,
and felt proud.

But most of  the tools I am about to show you,
are man tools.

They do the Man Jobs
around here.

 Hubs worked on the deck railing last week
and we love how it turned out.

I will show you some pictures of that later.

Here are a couple of saws that
the trim carpenters are using.
They are such talented craftsmen.
They did the stairs and trim on the last house
and we were happy when they were able to do this one.
Just wait until you see how pretty the trim is looking!

Here is another saw of Jim's crammed down in the basement hallway
to keep it out of everyone's way
while they are working down there.
This is the one I was allowed to use.
Insert Tool Man sound here,
 I can't figure out how to type that!

DeWalt seems to be the saw of choice around here.

Tools, tools, everywhere a tool box...
These guys are getting ready to lay 
the hardwood floor in the entryway and kitchen.

I don't know why the background is such a dreamy aqua,
but it's not really that color...
oops, I'm supposed to be pointing out that there is
a floor being born in the foreground!

almost done...

Piles of wood everywhere
soon disappear
and turn into

a lovely wood floor! 

We chose wider planks this time,
and it has a rustic look
that we are loving!

I will show you the 
stained and finished floor
this week.
Cabinets start going in tomorrow~!

Grand Girls are coming tomorrow too,
so I will see you in a couple of days.
I will be 
in Nana mode!


  1. Those big saws are called miter box saws. We have one and I know what a few tools are since we have built a few houses and done a lot of trim. Love the floors and now your cabinets are coming then you will be moving in soon it sounds like. How exciting.

  2. darn. first comment disappeared into the black hole. and now i have a poopy smelly baby to go change. i said nice things about your house. . . :)

  3. Your floors are beautiful and I love the wide plank. I don't use tools but would love to learn...my Dad is a wood worker so it should come naturally, right? Enjoy your Grand Girls!

  4. Look at you go MB changing your blog template. I love the wood floor look! But I love you more!


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