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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost There!

We are moving into this house tomorrow.

Here are Mike and Ryan
Master Trim Carpenters
taking a break.

Get back to work 
you joksters!

There that's better.
Hopefully there will be carpet in this room by tonight.


much packing, taping,and heaving
has taken place 
in other quarters.
Just look at the madness.
Who needs this much loot anyway?

I'm thinking about having a nic nac sale
when it cools off.
I have come across many many things 
that I don't want to look at anymore.
And I know that they are lurking in those boxes right there.

One of them isn't even lurking.
He is prancing right out in the open.
Take a closer look...can you find him?
There, to the right..let's just zoom in 
so that you can all enjoy him with me...

Here he is.
the studly steed..
the bronze wonder..
the bronze horse from the Pearl Market in Bejjing.
Oh the memories.
The dickering.
The hauling.
The packing to get him home.
The horror and embarassment of my children.

Some people like to scrounge in flea markets for
buttons, old lace, old books, old bottles,
you know the score.
Not my man...
He goes for the solid bronze stuff
and will not be stopped.

I'm wondering if it would help to paint him "Heirloom White"?

He moves along with us to his new home
in hub's office closet,
where the children cannot see him and feel mortified and traumatized anymore.

Packing and Moving
always makes me wax nostalgic.
(What does it really mean to Wax Nostalgic, anyway?)

I look at the treasures 
and remember
and smile.

When my daughters are all here,
I am going to whip this baby out of the hermetically sealed box,
and put it on and dance around the room,
and then see if I can sell it on Craig's List.
I am tired of hauling it around!
I mean it!

And then there is this.

If you will notice,
all of the boxes in this pile,
even the ones in back that you can't  see,
(trust me they are there)...
are titled

That big box in front is full of dance recital costumes.
If she makes me keep these much longer,
I am going to have all the home movies of the 
million dance recitals she and her sister were in
made into a cd and show them at all future family gatherings.
I mean it.

See that blue thing in front?
She made two of those for a youth banquet
where her brother and his best friend
dressed up and did a lip sinq
of the "Sisters" number from White Christmas.
Seriously one of my favorite memories.
Heaven only knows what's in those boxes,
she is going to go through those things and 

I mean it.

Look at this cute little guy.
His poor butt is rubbed raw from
my youngest cuddling him to sleep.
I like to keep him around
for bad days when I need a little cuddle myself.

This room is where the magic happens.
Where the memories live
Where there are around 10 tubs of Leggos.


If you can stand the glare from the ceiling light that hasn't been properly installed yet,
you can look up high and see the old sled that hubs and his siblings played on.
Under that is a chicken coop that we found out in one of my Daddy's barns.
Love that thing...any ideas on what I should do with it?

I gave it a good rubdown with some vinegar and oil 
and it perked right up...now I don't know what to do with it...

But I will never, never, never, throw it away.
I mean it.


I still have room in here for the 3 desks
and various pieces of furniture that are going in here to wait for
the downstairs carpeting to go in.
Just two bedroom sets, two beds, lamps, tables, 
you know, 

Last night I hauled a CAR LOAD
 of quilts and pillows
and blankets.
When you go from 6 bedrooms down to 3,
you have a lot of pillows.
You know the ones that fill the shams
that just sit there and look pretty under the real pillows,
that you actually put your head on at night...
I think at the nic nac sale there will also be

As I was locking up the gate for the night,
I happened to notice a wonderful sight off to the west.

Too lovely words...

Good night bear! Good night fish!


  1. Oh, I am so excited for you. Finally moving in. Lots of hard work, but fun, too. Love that sunset photo! Take your time and don't over do.

  2. All this time I thought I was following you and I wasn't. Well I am now!!

  3. oh my gosh! i laughed SO HARD at this post! i mean i laughed and laughed! i'm sure no one will find it as funny as we do. that #$@* horse!!! i wish i could remember how much he paid for that thing, and more clearly remember the horror when i found him bargaining for it. . . he could have been bartering for a great pearl necklace for you!! Do we have a bunch of junk at your house? i LOVED seeing blee and kevin's stuff, and i can't wait to see you twirl around in your dress. that adorable thing could fetch you some cash, but i've always loved that you've kept it. . . but i want to sell mine! Before we have kids big enough to get sentimental about it. . . now we're inspired, gotta go up in donna's attic now. . .

  4. okay, first of all, i want your dress! under no circumstances should you sell it to some stranger on craigslist. second of all, why does kevin get no grief for a million legos and i get a shameful picture full of boxes!? also, i NEED to be present at this nic nac sale for the pre sales screening.

  5. whoops, kellie posted under donna's name!

  6. THIS is the Real Donna, not the imposter that commented under my name! HA! Speaking of the "Studly Steed", Ernie would love it...I guess it's a man thing. The chicken coop is WAY more valuable...probably oozing with sentimental value! (fill it with stuffed chickens and colorful plastic Easter eggs - ha!" I have an abundence of "Blee" boxes, but they all have "NIKI" written on them - would probably dwarf Blee's pile. When she moves into a bigger house they will all magically appear on her front porch!! LOVE Your Home, Marybeth!! What a fun way to follow all your hard work and creative magic that you have! Now I know where Kellie gets her creativity!!

  7. What a GORGEOUS home!! LOVE that fireplace and I'll take the horse! lol!


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