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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Odds and Ends

I woke up around 5:30 this morning, reliving the many fabulous choices out there in fan and light fixture world.
As I thought my thoughts and wished for more sleep,
I was happy to realize that we are getting closer and closer to the Foof and Fluff stage.

The stage that makes my heart sing!

The Foof and Fluff stage ....there will be no tape measures.

Let me say it again and savor this thought...there will be no tape measures. ( unless I have to ask hubs for help in hanging something, in which case there will most certainly be a tape measure and a level.)

I have some kind of a disease where the incessant use of a tape measure and level grates on my like a finger on a chalk board.  I know that these two things are essential in the building world, but I am growing weary of them. I like to just eyeball things. I like to slap things up and move on. Even if it involves making many holes in the wall. I think it is linked to laziness, but let's not go there, ok?  Anyway, there it is. Level and Plumb, I need you but I hate you and am ready to move on. Now I feel better.

Enough Ranting and Raving.  This has got me on a roll.  I am changing Level and Plumb to Level and Plum because plum is a color and that makes everything more fun doesn't it? I love plum.

Law and Order
Cease and Desist
Peaches and Cream
Sick and Tired
Jeff and Mutt or is it Mutt and Jeff
Frick and Frack
War and Peace
Watch and Pray
Surf and Turf
Ying and Yang
Randy and Babs
Ann and Dan
Jason and Lisa
Kellie and Matt
Click and Clack
Foof and Fluff
Rock and Roll
Burger and Fries
Dumb and Dumber
Fat and Sassy
Various and Sundry

Guess what I'm going to be going while I sweep sawdust and pick up trash today?
C'mon...join in!  Even the most mundane job can be

Fun and Games!

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