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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot Tired and Happy!

Eee gads!  I just almost burned the pizza 
sitting here trying to think of 
some clever way to start this post!

Cleverness has signed off for the night, 
so I give you

bare minimum...

I offer you a peek at the progress going on out at the house
while I am

dumpster diving for boxes
trolling liquor stores for boxes
whining at the grocery store for boxes
and groveling at the office supply store for boxes.

and making piles of very organized stuff
to put into the boxes...
what was I saying?
Oh yes, progress is being made
and craftsmen and craftswomen 
are as busy as bees...

Here's the finished fireplace!

Here are the Granite Guys 
installing the lovely granite!
I am blown away by the way it blends 
so well with the paint color and cabinets!
I was seriously sweating about that decision

but I am in luuuuurve with it!

Here is Zetta working her magic 
with the paint brush.
She is the fastest painter and does such a great job
we are so thankful to have gotten her name
and that she was able to help us get 
a second coat of paint on all of the woodwork!
There's a lot of woodwork to trim!
Don't you love her mask?

The oil base paint really bugs her
and she wears it all day.

Here's the stone work at the bar downstairs.
I wish it didn't have a million doors in there
to clutter things up, 
but I was trying to get them out of everyone's way
during the marathon paint finale!

Here is my hero.

Helping everybody, making everything go along smoothly,
scheduling people, gathering supplies,
and working long hard days.

He and I are going to enjoy living in this house
Lord willing.

Oops, it's past my bedtime and I havn't eaten that pizza yet!

Thanking God for air conditioning again tonight!

Night everybody!


  1. It is all looking so good. I love the rock on the fireplace with the built-ins. That granite is GORGEOUS. I hope you take a close up for us so we can see the colors and pattern of it.

  2. in about six weeks, you're going to be serving me a beverage at that there bar! yeeeeeeeaaaaayyyyy!

  3. oh it's looking sooo pretty! hooray for all the great craftspeople putting their expertise on it. please please save us lots of work to do when we get there. . . don't kill yourselves!

  4. Hey Mary Beth! Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving such a kind comment. How thrilling it must be to build a dream home such as this one! One day, I, too, hope to build a small nest near the mountains where my hubby and I can snuggle in for our remaining years. In the meantime, we're parsonage dwellers... have been for years and have recently moved to a new pastorate with a new house. It's always kind of a crap-shoot with parsonages. This time, we hit the jackpot; nice neighborhood with lots of room for me and my four kids to ramble around in.

    I've had to let go a few of my dreams along these lines, but God has always been faithful to help me keep perspective. I've already stripped wallpaper and painted and am looking forward to hanging up the fix-it frock for a while.

    Anyway, I'll be checking back. HGTV is my favorite channel, and now I've found it in blogland!


  5. Wow Marybeth, your home is beautiful!! Love the fireplace and paint colors...I know you are excited to just enjoy your home and be done with decision making!! I can relate with the box hunting, and after doing the dumpster diving and liquor store boxes, ended up at Lowes at their box sale. Whew, you are on the home stretch...hang in there!

  6. Donna! I am so excited to see you here! It sure doesn't look like a place where we will be sleeping by tomorrow night! Somebody pinch me! I wish the elves would come in and get everything finished, there is still so much to do! Squeeze our little peanut for me and smother her with granny kisses! Love you!

  7. MaryBeth - - I am flying 2 1/2 elves your way Tuesday!! They are so excited to see you all they wouldn't care if they stayed in a tent...well, maybe an airconditioned tent!! They are eager to help and just be with you all! Have fun at the lake! It is so wonderful that Maya will never get too many Nana or Grammie hugs and kisses!! Love you too, girl!!


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