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Friday, August 13, 2010

We Interrupt This House Blog....

For a Very Important Vacation!!!!!

I know this information has nothing to do
with the building of a new house,
but please indulge me
while I share some 
family photos from last weekend!

Truly the highlight of my year!

Our sweet reunion with
Kellie Matt and Maya
at the airport!

It's a Maya sandwich!
Kevin looks like he is trying to figure out how to 
get into the sandwich!
The strange garb he is wearing
is Kansas flag.
He decided to be Kansas Man for the day
since the kids were flying in from MS,
probably illegal and disrespectful,
but that's how we roll sometimes...

More silliness and giddiness
and Maya trying to figure out who just swooped into her world.
These two sisters have not seen each other in 3 1/2 years!
There was lots of crying and hugging all around.

 gotta love that goofy Kevin!  Even Maya is taken with him!

Back in town...

Maya's first trip to
The Mall Deli.
She discovered that she loves pickle spears!
And the Mall Deli, of course!

Just a little dip in the kiddie pool...
It sure is hot here in Kansas!

Yes her eyes really are that color!

The very next day
we loaded up the wagons and caravaned to
our favorite summer lake destination,
Holiday Island Arkansas!

Here are some of the highlights of our weekend there...

 Who knew it would be so hard
to get three squirmy little girls
 to sit still for a photo op in a cloud of pink tulle?

Uncle Kevin instructs the girls
on the fine art of corn shucking.

There is something magical about
getting out on the boat 
on beautiful Table Rock Lake!

Safe in Daddy's arms

Nana driving the boat

Everybody else chillin...

Maya and Daddy

Two hot chicks

Kellie, Matt and Maya

Maya did 1,2,3,dunk! several times and 
seemed to love it.

Livi at the controls with Grandpa

Thumb comfort

Heading home...

Kevin entertaining the girls.

Our one meal out,
at the famous Bubba's BBQ
in Eureka Springs...

Since we all dressed up and are looking so cute
let's take some pictures!

Cute sisters!

My pretty girls...

Hey, you in the middle!
Over here!

Back at the house
lots and lots of
relaxin going on.

I'm not sure what all is going on here,
but it started out as a neck massage
and grew into what looks like
a tent /tunnel/somethingorother!

More photo ops...
these two look pretty fab in their matching lake shirts!

This cute little swimmer
is doing her double thumb sucking
and swimming at the same time...

Matt wowed us with his 
skiing skills

Can you say Lake Hair????

Livi tubin with her Daddy

Thanks for letting me show you some of the great times we had together
in the last few days.

We are back home now, 
stacks of boxes everywhere
waiting for me to get off my fanny and unpack them.

We live in the new house now!
Can you believe that???
I look around and feel the need 
to pinch myself!

I .Am.So. Blessed.

For now,
I am enjoying being here with my family 
playing with little Maya
and catching up with Kellie and Matt.

There are so many loose ends to tie up
before I can even start to decorate
and fluff my new nest...

All in good time,
all in good time.


  1. I love all of the moments you captured! Let's go AGAIN! i want to post a link to this post on my blog b/c i can't say it any better! FUN!

  2. Blessed joy in your settling in. What fun it must be to unpack a life in the house of your dreams! Enjoy each moment and rest when you can.


  3. WONDERFUL pictures!! What fun, and loved the...."lake hair" (may become a fad!) Glad you all had a great time at the lake and got a break from moving and unpacking for a bit. dj

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  5. Looks like you had some wonderful family time. What a beautiful family you have. Our grandbaby is due Sept 24. Everyone is looking forward to it. I know you are ready for the move. The house looks wonderful. Jackie

  6. You have a beautiful family, and it looks like you had an awesome time! Those kind of memories are the best, aren't they? Hope all is going well with the new home and that you're enjoying moving into fall.


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