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Monday, September 13, 2010

These Are The Things...

that make me happy 
these last few days of summer...

My happy patch.
She survived the hot 
Kansas summer winds,
Kansas Army Worms, and
Kansas Grasshoppers.
 Now that we have had rain,

she is flourishing.

The front sidewalk.
Men at work.

We were  pretty sure that this truck
was about to take out the corner of the roof,
but we all screamed at the driver at once
and he stopped.
Crisis averted!

He assured us that this was not his first
goat roping.

Having this little doll around has
totally rocked my world,
made my year,
pretty much kept me from getting any work done around here

but it has made me very, very happy!

Can you blame me?
Boxes can wait...

This little punkin needs her hair combed!

Give me back my comb!

All better...

As I was sayin,
there are books to be read,

and camels to be fed, 

and cheers to be yelled...
cuz we all dressed in red~

New friends to be made
and not be afraid...

It's a very busy life around here,
sometimes we just need to sit and think....

I think I cannot ever get enough of this
little girl,

and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one!

Life is good.

I promise I'll finish unpacking soon!
In the meantime,

Have a wonderful fall day yourself!


  1. She is a sweetie for sure. Mine will be here this weekend from Nashville.

  2. Great photos, Nana! The one in the sink kills me! She is sweet stuff for sure. Can't wait to get ahold of her again.

  3. finally! you're back. and you obviously had material for several posts. love the picture of kevin holding her. so sweet!

  4. and what is it with her and combs? those cracked me up. and the sweet nana picture! i didn't get any good pics of me holding her. so many great pictures...so much material...i had to comment twice! :)

  5. So much happy! Thanks for stopping by and bringing some over!

  6. She is so precious. Those big blue eyes just suck you in.


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