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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A tale of two bras...

Finally, fall is here!
Last weekend, I hosted my little brunch group
for the first time in our new home.

Over the years
I have become a little fanatic
about having things
clean and in place when company comes over.

It feels really good
on those occasions,
to work hard and get things looking nice
for guests.

I cleaned.
I fluffed.
I put things away...
I even brought out some of the fall decorations
to help fill in the gaps
where I can't decide what to do.

Here's the window in the laundry room.
See how I cleverly hide the detergent and fabric softener
in that huge basket
that I already had?

Over by the sink,
Rosemary Rooster holds court.

The great room doesn't look
quite as stark with a little fake foilage
scattered around.
So what if the bookcases are still kind of bare?
So what if there are wires sticking out everywhere on the
other bookcase?

I'm hoping this grouping looks ok,
even if
that picture isn't really hanging on the wall yet...

Pay no attention to the fact that
there are no candles sitting
on those pretty mercury glass candle holders,
it's the overall effect
I was going for here...

After the girls left, I was tired,
and needed to sit a spell.
I like to think about the girls
and things we talked about around the table.
I was sitting there in my cozy chair in the library,
feeling good about how things are coming together
around the house.

I was finally feeling a sense of accomplishment
at getting things looking pretty
here and there.

I happened to glance on through
into the laundry room,
and what should I see...
but these two darlings.

Yes, take another look.

Dangling right out there
as big as you please.

Well, maybe not as big as you please,
but big as life.

I almost crack myself up sometimes.
Every time I think of it,
I have to smile.

I wonder what the girls thought when /if they noticed
these two decorations that I strategically placed
right there ...

Moral:  It's my home!
I live here and sometimes I forget to put my undies away!
Please forgive me and know that I tried , I really tried
to make it feel welcoming! Heheheheh...

Come on back Y'all,
you never know what you're going to run into around here!


  1. MaryBeth, It was BEAUTIFUL! And I, being me, did NOT even see the aforementioned garments. Like I've said before, do not worry about dust on my account. Now you KNOW it's true. If I don't notice undergarments, I sure won't see dust!

    I love you, L

  2. I can't stop laughing. That is the best thing I've read/seen all week. I need a pick-me-up...thanks. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to spend some time soaking up all the loveliness soon. I feel like I had three minutes to look around the only time I've been there. Soon! Soon! And think of the lovelies we'll find to fill those shelves this weekend!

  3. i nearly laughed myself off the couch. i knew exactly where that was headed and i was giggling before i even got to the end. this apple certainly does not fall far from the tree.

  4. i kind of feel cheated that i did not see any unmentionables strewn about the house.

  5. BTW...I just sent all my friends over to read. They laughed too. They're just too shy to comment ;)

  6. LMAO...I didn't know you had a blog until today, MB, but this has to be the best entry to discover it by. Your house looks fantastic, even with the unmentionables strewn about :) You're fabulous! Love you, Ang.

  7. I'm like Lezlie, I didn't even notice them hanging there! Thank you for opening your house up to us! I always look forward to that morning. It is so refreshing to spend time relaxing with you ladies, and the food is always delicious!


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