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Monday, March 29, 2010

For the Birds...

I brought out a few 
spring decorations
the other day..

and realized that I am a nut-
a bird nut,
that is.

I had no idea what a 
birdie gatherer
I had become.

I hope you enjoy
seeing them
as much as I am enjoying
having them all around.

This one was from a good friend...
I picked it up at a little tea shop in town
and then talked myself out of it
and layed it down.

She saw me do it 
and went back and bought it
and gave it to me for my birthday.
Thanks Geri!~

I think this one is from my favorite decorator...
who also is my favorite
Thanks Babs!

These darling little plates
came from my favorite
for Christmas!

Thanks Lisa!

I think I snagged this cutie
at the local flea market.

Thanks Mona~!

This one came from a local shop
The Home Place
a lovely place to lose yourself
if just to find a pretty little bird.

The little mercury glass birdie
came all the way from
St.Charles Mo

have to go back there!

I have no idea
where the white ceramic one
hiding up there in the urn
 came from,
but she has a mate around here somewhere!

I think maybe this nest came from
Sandstone Gardens
in Joplin Mo...

oh so much loveliness there!

The bucket came from

Hope Depot.

Pier One.
5 dolla.

There's the missus,
over in yonder cage.
("Help, I'm stuck in here!")

I'm thinking about adding some fluff
to her nest..
she looks cold!

Here's a scary looking one..

from Nell Hill's in Atchison KS.

Thanks Babs for taking me with you

Here are two little cuties 
The Dollar Tree

Another sweetie from
I love her fat self.

Not you Lisa,

little birdie fatness!

These two are from the Nell Hill line.

they caught my eye
at Sandstone Gardens

and I like tiny things.

This is also from Nell Hill-
also from Sandstone Gardens...

can you tell I had fun there?

I have some other bird plates
still in storage
but I think I have enough gathered about
don't you?

from my nest to yours...

have a great day!


  1. i can't see the pictures! what is wrong? where are the birdies?

  2. oh, i think i just wasn't patient enough! now i see ALL THE CUTENESS! i want to come to your bed and breakfast NOW! :)

  3. whoa. that collection just might rival your fall decorations! though, if you're gonna get crazy spring and fall are the times to do it.

  4. You do have a lot of birdies. I would love to shop at Nell Hill's. I have to do it on-line!

  5. Wow! you DO have a lot of birds. They're very popular right now, so maybe YOU started the trend. :-) I like the new look of your blog!


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