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Monday, March 8, 2010

Road Trip!

Welcome Spring!

What a great weekend!

We got to spend the whole time

chillin with our kids and


at a beautiful retreat center

in Manhattan...

You can see for miles and miles!

We read books...

We played the piano...

Olivia is feelin it.

We shot some hoops

I was impressed with this,
until they admitted 
that they had lowered
the basket...

my boys.

My girls.
We spent the morning 
trolling for treasures
at the cutest little 
shop called Te-La-Re.

Then we cooked up a plan
to pick up a couple of pizzas
on the way back to the retreat.
I love it when a plan 
comes together
and nobody has to cook!

We were right in the 
Flint Hills
Aren't they beautiful?

Here's Olivia
to be a horse...

And Annalie
watching her sister
dance the horse dance...

Here we are hoping
that the swing
won't give way...

A beautiful ending
to a beautiful day...


As I carried Annalie to the car in the 
early evening dark,
lost my footing on a 
little rise in the driveway.
We both went down.
Annalie managed to escape with
a bump on the head 
and a little fright.

Me, not so good.
After I dropped her on the ground,
I slammed face first onto the concrete.
There was a lot of screaming,
and drama.
Oh, and swelling.
Lots and lots of swelling.

They packed me down
with ice and
a damp paper towel.

After it was determined 
that I would not die
that night,
Jason, Lisa and the girls
headed for home.

The rest of us
settled in for a movie...
we were exhausted
from the busy day
and me almost dying,
so there was no late night partying.

Sunday morning dawned 
bright and beautiful.

We could not have asked for
better weather..
such a blessing after
the cold, cruel winter!

I was determined to eat out for lunch,
and everybody in town had the very same idea.
Every where we went
people were out and about,
parking lots were crammed
and there were long lines of people
waiting to eat.
Aggieville was packed.
Downtown was packed.
We finally settled on
Old Chicago.

Here we are,
beautiful Kimberly
and Bozo the clown.

I thought I looked pretty bad that day,
but today there is a big
purple bruise growing 
under my eye
and the red nose is even redder.

Oh and did I mention that
I started a fire in the kitchen
while fixing bacon and eggs
for breakfast?

Never a dull moment 
with this old babe!


  1. I was sort of feeling sorry for you until you got to the setting the kitchen on fire and then all I could do was laugh!!!

  2. oh mom! you make me nervous lately with all of your injuries. i always knew that i'm pretty clumsy but i didn't think i got it from you! :) looks like you guys had a great time. i'm finally to the point that i don't cry when i see pictures of you all doing things together! and before long, we'll be there too! yippee!!!

  3. oh my goodness! i have to stop reading your posts while i'm at work. you are so funny. i'm so sorry you are bleeding and injured, but i laughed out loud at your storytelling. so so SO funny. oh you are an entertaining lady. i am excited that sometime soon i will get to see you and your lovely family. and laugh with you in your big beautiful home. tears of anticipating joy, i have for that moment.

  4. oh my goodness. bless your heart!

    seriously, you may not believe this, but i think i saw you in walmart...i think it was last week.

    you look soooo familiar (not being rude) with your injury b/c i saw a woman who looked just like you (including still wearing a smile with a *owey* nose) at walmart on state line. i passed you in the front of the store as we were leaving you were coming in.

  5. Mary Beth,
    Or should I call you Grace? Oh my that facial injury is impressive. I’m glad you were not hurt worse and I hope you’re on the mend. This looks like such a fun time spent with your loved ones. With so much rain of late the sun is certainly a welcome sight.


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