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Friday, March 19, 2010

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

I'll bet you've been wondering
what's going on out at the house...

This is going on.

Lots of messy insulation.
This is a milestone, folks.

See this stuff?
It's messy.
It gets everywhere.

More messy messy.

These guys will be back tomorrow.
and then...
somebody will sweep
up the mess they left.

I wonder who Jim will get to do that job.

I mean really.
Who would want that job?
It's so messy.
You want me?

What about my desk?
It's a mess...

What about all that work stuff on my desk?

What about that mess in the dining room?

What about my hair?
Now there's a mess.

Isn't there someone else?

Please...don't make me go...

What about March Madness?????


to be continued.....


  1. That is cellulose(probably spelled wrong) insulation isn't it. That is what we had put in our house, too. Really is one of the best insulators. You will have lower heating and air bills with that. Also, you are k-r-a-z-y !!

  2. Kim I'm glad you wrote that..I've been skeptical about it, but Hubs says it is supposed to be better than the stuff we used last time, and will help with the utility bills. Now if the fairies would just come out and clean it up for me!

  3. kim is right--you are crazy! you are so cute though! i heard that both kansas's are doing good in the tournament. makes a girl proud to be from that great state. exciting about your insulation. wish we had insulation. you know those pillow covers hanging on our wall over our bed? the pretty decorative ones? i realized that there is mold growing all over the backs of them and on the wall behind them. yeah, wish we had insulation. what is that doing to our health to be breathing that in all night every night? i hope to buy new ones if we end up back in jordan again soon, which we will in april if our residence is finally granted by general security.

  4. way to get that camera up high when taking a picture of yourself. just like i taught you!


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