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Friday, March 26, 2010


This morning I woke with this on my brain.
These lovely pressed leaves.

Do you remember this fabric, Kellie?

I can still hear you saying that
it would make a pretty shower curtain.
I never used it
on the last house,
but I always loved it,
since it was $1.00 per yard
at the designer fabric shop.

Woop woop!

As soon as I got up,
I rushed out to the garage
and rummaged through the boxes
until I found it.

It has all the luscious greens
that have been rumbling around
in my brain 
for months.
Greens, teals, rusts, golds and purples.
I have always loved this fabric...
it has a lovely soft feel to it.

I think it will have a home in the guest bath
maybe a shower curtain?????

Then I remembered
this one...

I loved this toile.
It was the wrong color 
and sadly, I didn't use it.

I even tried tea-dying it
to get it to the color I wanted.
That failed.

I'm not sure now
what color I was going for...
but when I lifted it out of the reject box this morning,
I saw...

that it is the perfect color t0
use in this room...

I also remembered the soft blues and yellows of this quilt
and wondered how a king quilt would
look on this queen bed....

when I looked in the remnant box
and found these scraps from the 
Dream House #1 bonus room....

well, let's just say

I did a little Happy Dance.

That quilt looks lovely on the queen bed
and I am thrilled to be able to use it again
with all my sweet 
soft yellow and blue and cream
pretty things
in the second guest room.

So perfect 
with the old oak furniture 
that I painted creamy last year.

That big gust of wind
you hear is me
a big sigh of
design relief.

Every time  hubs
would come home 
from a long day at the ranch,
all grubby, dirty and tired,

I would be seen sitting at my desk
eyes glazed over,
my desk covered with
tattered paint chips and
stacks of magazines.

Lots of random ideas
floating around the room,
but no cohesive plan.

Sheets of blank paper stuck up on the wall,
waiting for the inspiration 
to come.
Waiting for the colors
to start working together.

One day,
my smart, beautiful, talented, creative
artistic, sweet, funny
named Kimberly
said something like this:

How did you do this last time?
Didn't you just start with fabrics?
Why don't you  do that again?

Wise Kimberly.

Hobby Lobby.


Why didn't I do this sooner????

I found three fabrics
that left me swooning and 
best of all, 
they were on sale...

When I got home,
I gathered up all my paint swatches
and spread out all the fabrics
(I bought only one yard of each, just in case)


it all started falling together.

I am about to hyperventilate
just telling you about it.

Imagine my glee
when I spotted this.

It is a lamp.
It is huge
It was a splurge.
I was nervous buying it,

but I knew in my heart
that it was lamp love.

It made me nervous to think about 
showing it to Hubs...
How will I explain

Lamp Love?

I shouldn't have worried.

When I unveiled The Lamp
his words were...

" I really like it!"

Be still my heart! 

The love of my life
likes the 
Lamp I love!

Time to dance the

happy dance!

Hubs likes to imitate me doing this dance
He hasn't seen me this happy in months!

I love it when a plan comes together....

I am especially happy to figure out how to 
integrate some of the pretty things
from the first house
into this one.
I want to be thrifty and repurpose 
all those niceties
that made Dream House so special to me.

Being able to blend the old and the new
has been the big stumbling block in my head
and I am so relieved
to be able to move forward


I'm going back to Hobby Lobby today
to fill in some of the gaps,

I hope something that you have been
laboring over
comes together today
and you can dance 

Happy Dance


ps. thanks, Kimberly...
I love you!

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  1. What great colors for your new home. Can't wait to see that lamp. Did you get it at Hobby Lobby? Love that store. You just keep doing the happy dance.


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