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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A very busy weekend!

This weekend we travelled
to St. Louis
for my niece's wedding.

Were we content to limit ourselves
to wedding festivities?

Heck no.

There were many side trips
and activities.
I tried to document 
as many as I could 
so that Kellie and Matt
could get in on the fun.

I am sorry to say that
these pictures
are not in chronological order.

This took place on Sunday morning
as we were leaving Alton
 to get to St. Louis in time
to help with the decorating
for the wedding.

Kevin had heard me tell about
Robert Wadlow,
the tallest man in history.
Robert was a schoolmate of my mom's 
and there is a life-size statue of him in Alton,
where they lived.
Of course we needed to stop in
and say hello to Robert.

As we were walking over to the statue
I noticed something dark in the grass....
Do you see it?

look closer.

Yes, I almost stepped on this thing.

Here is Kevin standing beside the Robert Wadlow statue.
He enjoys standing besides people who are taller than him!

He also enjoys finding people whose
feet are bigger than his.

Here is a replica of Robert's chair.

Here is Kevin experiencing a chair
where his feet don't reach the ground.
This phenomenon
will never happen again
in his lifetime...
so it was important
that he 
made sure to experience it.
Here he is bonding with
short people of the world.

One last picture with the big guy before we 
hit the road.

was also born in Alton.

I, his mother was also born there.
Somehow that factoid 
does not carry the same
But I love being in the company of
whenever I can.

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