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Thursday, June 11, 2009

baby testosterone

Im not bragging here, but I have been called "The Baby Whisperer" by people at my church.
I have been able to calm the most unhappy nursery visitors in my time.

I have seen it all.  

Last night I witnessed a strange phenomenon during my/ 2 hour and 45 minute -bedtime-for-most-toddlers /day three of vbs in the nursery stint.

Myself and two toddler boys.  Piece of cake, right?  We are happily playing with our brightly colored play dough, making all sorts of foodstuffs, listening to music, calmly whiling away the night.

Enter one cute, blonde, curly haired princess.  

Suddenly, my two little darling boys have turned into running, screaming, play dough throwing, leaping lizards.  Little cute, blonde, curly-haired princess has morphed  as well.  She is chasing the leaping lizzards, squealing at the play dough bombs and  lobbing right back.

There is only one explanation for this havoc.

Let's have a snack. That should quiet these darlings down.

Ohhhhhhh.  Dark Chocolate coated chinese noodles covered with marshmallow cream.
Those girls down in the kitchen know what I like.

Let's turn off the lights and watch a movie.  
Tear the room apart. 
I don't care.  
Shhhhhhhhhh!  It's 8:30 and I am trying to sleep here!

Is it Friday yet?


  1. i am so afraid of boys! i'm not cut out for mothering a jumping leaping play dough bomb throwing little hellion. who is? dr's appt yesterday was fine . . . except for our stubborn, modest, pravate parts hiding little child. the dr. pushed and pushed on my belly trying to get said baby to flip upside down so we could do some gender checking, but he/she would have none of it. he/she was moving just about everything else, arms, hands, head, spine, even the jaw was moving, but those little legs remained tucked up underneath in a sort of nanny nanny boo boo indian style, giving us not even the slightest clue into . . . "what are we having?" this week he is a he and he's noah.

  2. you absolutely are too cut out for that! You married one didn't you????? Just kidding Matt! Boys are fun and actually easier to raise than girls, just so you know. Love mom.


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