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Monday, June 22, 2009

Vegetarians need not read this post!

Who are these people 
and what are they doing standing in line
in the rain????
At a gas station
in Kansas City?

What do you think this girl is thinking about?
(multiple choice question here)

a. hair spray
b. umbrellas 
c. meat.

If you answered

 c. meat, 

were correct.

Even though she was also thinking
about hair spray and umbrellas,
she was mostly thinking about


Sweet Daughter-in-love and 
sweet daughter waiting in  line
the rain at a gas station.


Yes folks,

it IS at a gas station

Legend has it
that Anthony Bourdain
famous Travel Channel
host and chef of renoun
has eaten here
and declared it

One of the 13 places you should eat before you die.

Here's the magazine article that confirms it.

I personally really like Anthony Bourdain.
and his travel show called
No Reservations.

He tells it like it is.

and after eating here, I have to agree with him.

This place knows how to cook meat.
French Fries.
Baked Beans.
Potato Salad.

These people dont know me 
and they dont pay me to advertise
on this blog.
But if they did want to pay me
I would ask for my pay 
in gallons and gallons

Here are some of the prizes they have won 
at BBQ competitions
When they compete
they are known as
The Slaughterhouse Five.

We stood in the line for about 45 minutes

and it really was worth it.

You called it, Anthony!

I feel glad that I got to eat here before I die.
This is BBQ Heaven.



  1. oh how bittersweet.....you and that bbq heaven are exactly 2 miles from my home. wish i could have eaten meat with you!

  2. it's not even sunny, why can i not keep my eyes open?!

  3. Megan we are going to have to plan a play date together! Love ya, mb

  4. I swear. You are such a good blogger. I aspire to be a blogger like you one day. That was some good meat. Mmm. After eating at Oklahoma Joes, do you hold to your theory that BBQ smells better than it tastes? And what did FIL think of it? Love!

  5. Mary Beth, thanks for stopping by.

    The green in my kitchen is Laura Ashley Olive 4, found at Lowes.



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