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Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't Rush Me!

I think I am the only one on the planet
who is not ready to
move on...

into Christmas, that is.

I had such a lovely Thanksgiving weekend,
I am not ready to move on just yet.
What's the rush, everyone?

My Cinderella pumpkins
still look glorious!

My house is really dirty
There is a day's worth of laundry to do...

And so,
 I am just moving slowly through this
quiet fall day...

Enjoying my memories of these things...

Beautiful Anniversary roses from my
husband of 37 years...

A fun family photo shoot.
We had hoped to get some great pictures outdoors,
but it rained cats and dogs just as the photographers arrived,
so we shoved the furniture away
and they did the magic here in the great room.

It is hard work getting 11 people to smile and look forward
all at the same time!

My favorite son-in-law cleaning out the gas grill
whose insides have rotted out.
He and hubs rigged up a way to use it as a charcoal grill
for our anniversary dinner

Here they are building a new thing-a-ling
for the grill...
I have no idea what that was,
but they did a great job!

Here is the steak mister at work!
Man those were some honkin big steaks and
mmmmmmmm good!

Kellie and her assistants decorated the table
with black and silver,
pretty framed pictures of us and the family
from years gone by...
rose and candlelight,
so romantic!

in the kitchen,
these two hooligans
decided to wash their feet in the kitchen sink.

I have no idea why this became necessary,
but that's how we roll around here....

These two are Trouble, I tell you!

Kimberly and Olivia working together
on the ultimate surprise...

Tiramisu Cake!
This was Heaven on a plate folks!

There is none left.

This makes me very sad!

A moment of rest inside
Annalie and Olivia's fort.

I had no idea how tired I was
until I layed down in there!

Everyone loves to take a turn with this little bug...

And then there was the food.
Glorious thanksgiving food.
Favorite foods.
Pretty foods.
Rich foods.

My whole family
around the table
at once.


Yes, we did shop on Black Friday,
it's a girl thing with us...
it's more of a lark for some of us than others,
but some of us had lists and
did knock down some great buys.

 We did manage to stimulate the economy.
We like to do our part.

On Saturday we all went to our favorite breakfast haunt,


It's a ma and pa place downtown
where hubs and I eat together
almost every Saturday morning.

It's the best breakfast food in town.
Hands down.
They are celebrating their 65th anniversary in business.
That ought to tell ya something!

I got my first guitar lesson from Matt...
I have always wanted to learn,
and we have two guitars just sitting around here,
gathering dust.

It's on my bucket list.
And I am doing it.
So there.

He is not yelling at me to
get my hand in the right position.
He is a very patient man.

Look out Janis Joplin!

I am also working on the hair thing...
I am hoping he can teach me to strum and do the splits at the same time.

I'll get back with you on reports on that!

It was a very lovely weekend,
and I am in no hurry to move on....
just yet!

I am enjoying the Christmas decorating you all are doing,
all over blogland...

I promise I will get my rear in gear very soon.

but for now,

I am remembering.


  1. It was a beautiful weekend indeed! We were all whining in the other room as you played at how much faster you were picking up the guitar than ANY of us did! You'll be playing Christmas carols by our next get together...I'm sure of it! We decorated some yesterday - it goes on and on. The freshmen are coming tonight so I have a deadline. Yikes! Happy Monday!

  2. What a beautiful post. It tells a whole story of family. The picture of the two in the sink are hilarious! Lucky lady those are beautiful flowers. Happy Anniversary.
    P.S. Shortly you'll have no choice but to get into the Christmas spirit... :)

  3. Looks like you had much fun with the whole gang! You already look like a pro the way you're holding that guitar, LOL..

    Your table setting looks wonderful.

    Have a good week.

  4. Hello Marybeth,

    If you want to email me, I'll gladly give you that recipe. :)


  5. perfect. that's how i would describe it. wish i could freeze time. memorize every moment. . . i love being part of this family.


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