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Thursday, November 11, 2010

the great wall...

What's new with you my friends?

I've been away 
and eating
bon bons.

But have no fear,
the work goes on
and my man 
continues to amaze me with his
endless skills.

While the weather was lovely,
he started on the patio retaining wall.
Here are a few scenes from 
Side One of The Great Wall...

These pictures do not in any way capture
the endless thinking, planning, plotting
heaving, tamping, sitting
sweating,and swearing
that took place .

Isn't it looking fabulous dahling?

I really do not know how he knows how to do this kind of thing...
but he does.
He had it in his head the whole time.

And now there it is, ready to hold back the dirt
and I cannot wait til planting season when
I can get my hands down in that dirt!

A craftsman admires his progress.

Unfortunately, this man has a habit of 
working way too hard and long at a time,
and at the end of the day
managed to his loose his balance,
twist his bad knee, bang up his hip 
and knock a hole in his head.

It all worked out great in the end
because we had a whole passel of guests
 on the way,
and I needed him to rest up for that.

Since the stones are so heavy, 
I didn't get involved in the rock wall building.

I was just kidding about the whole bon bon thing,
I was really busy doing other things...


and here...

admiring Grandpa's new grass...

and here...

Documenting the comings and goings
of Herself 
is a big job...

Hard work, but 
somebody's got to do it!


  1. He did an amazing job on that wall and she is a cutie pie. I have my newest granddaughter with me tonight so mom and dad can get some sleep.

  2. Wow. MY FIL is amazing. I'm impressed. Beautiful Maya. I miss her.

  3. Wall is a work of wonder, sweat and love......your home is so beautiful, and NOW, a home-made lake! Wow! LOVE the precious pictures of Maya!! She is just beautiful, and sweet; I miss this baby!!


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