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Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Grammie!

A Letter to my Grammie

Dear Grammie,

I've just had the best nighty night time 
with Nana and Grandpa...

We discovered that it is a lot more fun
when Mommie and Daddy go out on dates
and leave me here alone with them!

It has been a busy, busy day!
Mommie and Daddy talked at church this morning 
and after church we went to the deli again.

I hope you have some fun plans for Sundays after church,
because they go to the deli 
every stinkin Sunday,
and I'm getting kind of bored with it.

Today, to entertain myself
while all the grownups visited,

I practiced flopping my head back
in kind of a lounging position,
and looking at things upside down.

Tonight, Mommie and Daddy went to a concert
with Kimberly and Kevin
and left me home with the Grands.

Grandpa fed me my supper while
Nana fiddled with the Christmas lights.
Then we played on the floor for a long time.
I banged my head on the end table,
so I let Nana snuggle with me for a long time,
then we played some more.

Oops , let me check my lipstick..

Then Grandpa let me climb 
up and down the stairs 
while Nana fiddled with the Christmas lights.
While I was downstairs,
I pulled an entire series of children's history books
off the shelves.

Then Nana put me in my jammies and 
I let Grandpa snuggle with me for a long time.
He wanted to hold me while a drifted off to sleep,
but Nana wouldn't let him do it...
She thinks things have to be done just like Mommie and Daddy do it.
I wanted to sleep on Grandpa's lap.
But she put me to bed and I went right to sleep.
I am sleeping right now.

I want to tell you now
that you need to plan as many of these "dates" 
for Mommie and Daddy
as you possible can
because it is a lot more fun when they are not here.

more lipstick.

I am not whiney and fussy
when they go on dates,
and I love to snuggle. 
They do not need to know this...
let's just keep it to ourselves, ok?
Can you please just figure out some fun places for them to go 
without me,
so I can hang out with you and PawPaw?

I forgot to tell you that today
I also learned to pitch my head
from side to side in time to music
and am working on shaking my bootie at the same time.

This is something we can work on together
while Mommie and Daddy are gone out together.

See you soon... zzzzzzz
Nighty Night!


  1. So sweet! Grammie will love that for sure. I am already missing that sweet one year old!

  2. She is adorable! Can't wait to see my little cutie next weekend. Jackie

  3. Maya, you have grown so much since you have been with Nana and Grandpa! I LOVE these pictures of you with your pretty purse. We will make sure that mommy and daddy go on some dates while you are here...I MUCH rather stay home and play with you! Your cousin Charis will be here, but she is just a little baby and can't crawl or sit-up like you, yet. Can't wait to see you and mommy and daddy!! Marybeth, you are awesome! Thank-you for these precious pictures of our girl!

  4. Awe! She is so precious...
    What I love about your blog Marybeth is your love for your family and all you share with us, it really is beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful comments.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. Aaawwww... This is such a cute post, and she's a little doll! :-)

  6. Thank you, Mary Beth, for your very kind comment on my blog today! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas too! Enjoy...


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