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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hello followers!  It's good to have something to report again. The fence guys are back hard at work after John spoke to them in a stern voice.  They promise everything fence-related will be done today and we can sign the paper work with John tomorrow. Today the ranch hands are busy at work on the entry, since the county men came out this morning and put in the culvert, which you will see pictured.

The two (and only) ranch hands are proud of their work. Later today the gates will be painted a lovely Rustic Red and I wont have to climb over the barbed wire while they hold it down for me. (no pictures of this).  

I just had to go up the "driveway" and take some more breathtaking pictures for you. I think the slope of the "driveway" will be just enough for sledding on...I hope we can try this out before winter is over.  Today it is supposed to be up in the 60's, but the wind is very strong and it still feels cold. Later today I am supposed to go help Dad with tape measure and string to try and figure out exactly where to place the house.

Freddy Van( how is that for a professional sounding name?) is supposed to come out tomorrow
 and talk about core drilling, which is the latest source of anxiety.  We are going to be drilling down at the corners of where the house will sit, to determine how unstable the ground is.  The ground around these pits is notorious for this, and we want to know up front, so if it IS we can go ahead and put piers into the ground before we build the house.  Lots of times, people skip this and end up spending thousands of dollars jacking up the house and putting in the piers later. .  We no wanna do that...we want to spend thousands of dollars right up front and get it over with fast!!!

How you likey my new haircut??? the picture said it was "sassy" and that is just what I want to be...

signing off for now...time to take some lunch out to #1 Ranch Hand
love, yo sassy mama

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  1. WOW. I love the new hair cut, it's so much more you! Looks like there has been a lot of progress with the culvert and all. Keep the posts coming. I love 'em!


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