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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


excuse me class while I slap the snap out of this computer...
now, that's better.  As I was saying.  Here is the vibrating sheep's foot.
I see where the name comes from, don't you?  See right there?  It looks like a sheep's foot while it is vibrating. You know, when the sheep's foot vibrates, it looks like this. This machine is also big, so I think I would call it a vibrating rhino's foot, or a vibrating dino's foot,  because it comes along and POUNDS that silly dirt into a hard solid surface upon which to deposit the clay !
Here is Ranch Hand #1 petting the sheep's foot before it starts vibrating.   And here is the pounded driveway awaiting the arrival of 7, yes count em, 7 truckloads of miry clay. Yes , like that stuff in the Bible that you want to be rescued from down in the pit.  Anyway, the truck comes loaded with clay, dumps the clay, spreads the clay and the sheep's foot pounds the clay into a nice solid bed for the rocks to lay on.  In our afternoon session we will discuss the Rocks and see how they are layed down on the smooth clay to form a driveway.  Let's all take a coffee break.

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