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Saturday, February 14, 2009

blogging for dummies in session...

Ode to blogging

well you know I am tired of lookin
at this bookin bookin bookin
all  the pictures 
and the blueprints 
make me crazy
and Im
Look, my poem looks like a pine tree upside down. Let's see if the little people at Bloggerville will print it in the blog that way! because my notes and pictures never look like I think they are gonna look.  I am going to play around with this while I dont have any real house news OR pictures to show you today.

ok, I don't have any pictures to post because we went to Kansas City to look at show homes
and my camera would not work.  again.  Do you know what happens when you look at a kagillion houses for two days and after you get home you can't remember what your favorite one even looked like because you DONT HAVE ANY PICTURES,? just blurry little blueprint looking things that dont give you any clues as to whether this was the house with that cute leopard print chair in the downstairs bedroom, or if it was the one with the four poster bed in the master with the lace shawls draped so dreamy-like over the top rails?  And when your husband asks you what your favorite thing about house no#25 was, you say you think it was for sure the combination of that little pig in the kitchen holding a chalkboard that said, "Bon Apetite" because he had a really cute red scarf tied around his neck.  And when your husband says remember how in house #59 they had taken the hip roof and raised it up a little to make room for that window, do you think we could just lower that a tad and put a smaller window in there would the roof still look ok?  and you say, do you think we could build a little courtyard out front , and then I would have a cute place for a little herb garden?  and he says excuse me while I pull all of my remaining hair out one hair at a time and you say do you think we will have time for me to stop by TJMaxx before we go home? and he says just shoot me and you say where's my gun because we are not leaving this town before I go into a store, even if it is WalMart???? That is when you take a break and try to remember which house was your favorite and why over a yummy Stromboli and you realize once again that you are too tired and achey to go shopping anyway, which is what you knew all along would happen, because it always does and you get in the truck and review all those houses all the way home.


  1. I am laughing so hard that I am crying! I hear your pain about looking at the houses and trying to remember. When we looked at them, I too would come home and say, do you think we could... And Adam would shake his head and say NO!!! PS..Maybe if you would have stopped at a store ahead of time you could have gotten a new camera,(l0l)but if a new camera is not in the budget let me know and you can use our camera.

  2. i can imagine how this played out EXACTLY!!! love it! love that i wasn't there, even more. sort of. :)


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