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Friday, February 26, 2010

Marathon Day 2

First, just let me say...

building a house with your spouse

is risky business.

Very risky business.

I took this test

several years ago

and passed with 

flying colors.

Why , oh why

am I being asked

to take this test


Today we are shopping again

for kitchen appliances

at the same stores where we spent all day

Then we are going to shop 

audio systems.

These items have to be decided on now
in order to proceed with the wiring 
that they will require.

Hubs has declared that we will do this 
In the meantime
I am to study
the 1000 page catalogue
that we borrowed from the lighting store yesterday.

Oh and also check out the website
that the lighting ladies recommended
which boasts over
40,000 choices.

Just. Shoot. Me.

I know, I know,
I should not be complaining.
Shopping is fun, right?

I AM thankful, I really am.
I am blessed.
So blessed.
My husband is very tired...
I am very tired.

We need some sunshine 
and some warm temps.
We need for stuff to stop breaking
at the rental houses.
We now have to rip up a house
because the tenant has complained
to the county about the mold problem.
This is going to be almost impossible
to address with people living there
and they are behind on the rent
to boot.
We will be selling this house
when it becomes empty,
not renting to these losers again.
Sorry, I digress.

Sometimes I just want to fast forward to
the Assisted Living Home
where someone will bring my food
on a tray 
and tuck me in at night
let me read blogs all day.

But until that day,
I forge fearlessly
and cheerfully
and hopefully
into the fray.

Day 2 is about to begin.
If hubs doesn't stop and get me Coke
when I am dying of thirst 
and caffeine low,
You will hear the screaming
all the way from Joplin..

Im just sayin.

On a happy note,
Here is the buffet
we recently bought
at the Flea Market.

I have been watching out
for one that I could 
put in the entry hall.

I hope they didn't rip my head off
but we both felt like it was 
a good value.

Try to ignore the pink vases...
I didn't buy those!

Im not sure about the hardware,
but I don't have time to do anything about it right now...

It has some little 
wear signs here and there
and some chipped up places,
to proved that it has lived a good life
and been used well.

Like me, right?

Now join me in
a little happy dance

It's Friday!

The next time I write 
there will be a lot of scratches 
on the BIG to-do list.



  1. Oh, you will live through it!! The easiest way for me to pick lighting out was to go to one lighting showroom and say I want this this and this. I would have shot myself trying to look through catalogues. I love that buffet. Just simply gorgeous and the more knicks and scratches the better, I say!! Have a great weekend.

  2. Mary Beth,
    Oh, my I can relate!I took care of my parent's rentals for a few years and wanted to pull my hair out frequently.
    I would love to pick out new appliances, but I understand how much work goes into building a home. So many choices and information is thrown at you all at once.

  3. I can so relate to that feeling. I felt the same way when we were building our house. Extremely thankful, but sometimes very tired and just wanting it to be over. Hang in there! I'm sorry to hear about your rental house. That's got to be enough to push someone over the edge. Hope you're having a successful shopping weekend... :-)


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