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Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's been a busy week out here at the old Ranch, folks!  Even with the promise of rain almost every night, the concrete crew managed to get the footings poured for the basement walls.  Here is Brad  going over things with Jim before taking off for the day on Friday.

Here is Brad's crew workin' hard to get this thing done before quitting time on Friday night.
This handsome young man came a knocking on our door Friday night, looking for a place to sleep, and we took him in. Of course we had to show him the progress before he hit the road again.  We love taking in drifters like that.
Doesn't it look like Jim is about to push him into the hole right here? He doesn't look too worried about it though.  I think he should be worried.
Late Saturday afternoon, this rowdy showed up.  He tried to take over the big machines.  He looks like a mean one, doesn't he?
While we weren't looking , this hooligan took over the dirt pile, and made it his own.  He even took some of it home with him. What is it about boys and piles of dirt?
This one turned out to be a nice cuddly kid after all.  What a sweetie!
Here is Jim pointing to where he pushed that drifter into the hole. I think this shot looks like we are in the mountains.
Here are two good ole boys talkin things out.  I'm just glad they both have pretty long T-shirts on.  Whew!

It was nice to get out yesterday and enjoy the hot sunshine and breezes, because today,
 the gray sky is COLD  and that wind has turned evil.  We are supposed to get down into the 20's over the next couple of nights and there go the apples!
  Not that I have any apples, but there they go anyway.

Im expecting more out-of-town-ers  tomorrow and I suppose we will drag them out here too.

 I will try to post more interesting poses of them gazing down into the hole.  We will try to get a little more creative with it, because I am crazy like that.
Maybe I can get a shot of my soon-to-be-nephew jumping Over the hole. 
 Or not. 
 I need to behave myself so that he will not be afraid of the crazy Kansas cousins.
  I know you will all be on the edge of your seats, waiting for the next post.
 I will try not to disappoint you.


  1. That is a handsome drifter indeed. And now I know from picture #1 where he gets his fountain drink habit :)

  2. I think Jim & Adam look like Lewis & Clark. Ready to set out on their grand adventure. Cooper's socks were pretty much ruined(lol). He had so much fun...a dirt pile and sticks...why do we have all the toys in our basement? Thanks for letting us crash your "party" the other night.


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