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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tiny Steps

Wow .  I am soooooo tired tonight.  This morning I went out to the Cedars to take a few pictures of the action and maybe some nature shots .
Everything is turning green.
I wanted to take some pictures of the pit again because it was the most incredible color of turquoise.  Brian says it is the algae in there that makes it that color.
I tried to take some pictures and found that my batteries were dead.
The story of my life.
So I just sat down beside a cedar tree and soaked up the warm morning sun.
And listened to the birds.
And looked at the turquoise water.
The concrete team is removing the big metal forms that they used to make the basement walls.
They have another job they are doing tomorrow and Thursday, but by Friday they should be pouring the floor, and on Monday backfilling, if the weather cooperates.
Woo Hoo!  That will be a major step forward.
Oops, backfilling is where they take one of the big machines and put the dirt back into the ditch that runs around the perimeter of the house, and pack it down.
Dad and Brian are putting plumbing in the basement floor for the kitchen and bathrooms before they pour the concrete floor, you know, for drains and things.

After I had sat and soaked up the sun for a while, just praying and looking around, I decided to start some trimming and brush hauling.
I worked until lunch and then took a break and a MacDonald's run.
After lunch, Dad and I worked together on several bunches of trees that were overgrown with terrible narley vines.  
He went for the chain saw and we went to town on the mess.
We worked until about 6:00 and finished up by picking up the big limbs that had been 
knocked down in last year's ice storm.
Sometimes it  feels like we're chipping at an iceberg with an ice pick.
But we are happy with what we got done.
The trees are happy.
I feel like I've been run over by a Mac Truck.  Or a Ford Truck. 
Tomorrow will be a day of rest.
I will charge the batteries for the camera.  

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