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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This picture is deceiving.  These are not illegal immigrants from Missouri. 
  It's the family way...wait, that's another expression for pregnant. I am not pregnant, and neither are these two.  They are just crazy .

look how cute they are!

getting out was another whole story, though.

Here is Barry with almost all of the loot in the trunk...I found another box after they thought they had it all in there. 

Of course, we had to bring them out to The Cedars, so they could see the day's activities. 
Here Megan and Barry are enthralled with the cement truck...I think Megan is enthralled with Barry, if you want to know the truth.

Here is Jim keeping an eye on things.  

Here is a closeup of the truck, in case you needed one.

We had a really nice visit and had a chance to get to know Barry ...he is a fine fellow and I am officially giving Megan the go-ahead to marry him.   I know she had been waiting anxiously to hear those words!   Don't take this wrong, Barry, but I think you will fit in with the clan just fine.  Don't be afraid.  Just remember the  two words that will serve you well in the next two months....."Yes dear"
My job for today is to stare at the blueprints and figure out
 why the middle  gable  looks wrong, and get started on the window and door list.
 Just shoot me.

Would any of you out there like to see what this house is really going to look like?
I am dying to show you but if no-one is reading this, what's the point?

I am thinking of a nice Spring Giveaway for someone who will comment and 
convince me to show you a picture of the real deal.

I know you are out there, so comment away.  You will be graded on punctuation and spelling so be careful!   


  1. What a cute couple! Yes Dear will serve him well for the rest of his life...not just the next two months. Come on you know we are dying to see the house plans. Do you have pictures? I can't "imagine" what it will look like.

  2. OK I'm responding and I want you to keep it up!!! I check it weekly at least sometimes almost daily!!!

  3. yes of course we read this!!! and yes of course we want to see what the house looks like (we especially want to know which bedroom is "ours"). :) kj

  4. Yes, show us the house, for the love! Speaking of love, how cute are Megan and Barry?


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