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Monday, January 3, 2011

Moving On

This year:

I think I will buy myself an old bike, the kind with the big fat tires and a big fat seat and a basket, like the one I learned how to ride on, and sail down the road with my flaxen hair flowing in the breeze,with nary a care in the world. 

I will stop by the roadside and unfold my picnic basket under a weeping willow tree, and have myself a little bread and wine and sleep for a while. I will gather up my white gauzy dress and flit over the split rail fence, to gather white daisies and pet the wild horses in the meadow. I will make myself a necklace of clover blossoms, and pick flowers for my love. Then I will get on my cell phone and call my love to come get me, I have no idea where I am.

No I do not have Alzheimer's, but I just wanted to have that little moment. Since it is obvious noone is reading this blog, except for dear Rosemary over at The Summer Porch.( I love you Rosemary) I figured, what the heck, write whatever comes to mind! If you are reading this blog and do not leave me a little hello, SHAME ON YOU! That is all I have to say about that!

 Winter does funny things to me. I like snuggling in for a long winter's nap for about a week. Then I get restless. I start thinking about spring/summer (thus the wistful thoughts) and thinking about plants and dirt and digging in said dirt. And flowers...lots and lots of flowers.

Alas, I did not plant any tulip bulbs this fall.

But I did plant some perennials last summer,
and look forward to seeing them again.

Reading Pioneer Woman's post this morning
has inspired me to think about my flower beds
and what I plan to put in them this year.

We are twin sisters, you know.

Even though she thinks in terms of vegetables
to feed the ranch hands and the punks, 
I am so over that.
If I can get one tomato plant and some herbs
to produce a harvest, 
I will be happy.

It's all about the flowers for me

I submit the following picture
to encourage those of you who do not
have flower beds already established...

This was the only dirt at our new homestead
that wasn't full of rocks, twigs, vines, tree roots 
and rocks.
I claimed it and began early
working in compost
( new favorite is cotton boll compost, which I found at Wally World last year)

I worked and worked that dang dirt
and filled it to brimming with
bedding plants.

And then the spring rains came and came and came
and nearly drowned every single plant.

I had to pull quite a few out
they just could not live any more.
I transplanted several and after a few sickly weeks
they took hold and I was able to enjoy them in their new home.

I killed almost every herb,
except for mint, pineapple sage, and basil.
I don't really cook with herbs much,
I just like picking them and smelling them.
I hope to do better this summer!
Back to the flower bed...

Is anybody out there?

Newly planted bed:

a riot of color in late summer!

pretty zinnias, I love you~

 I think this purple lovely is called Angelonica...maybe it's Angelonia...
it comes in several shades of purple, white and pink.

It is HEARTY  here in the Kansas heat, humidity and wind!

Hunt this flower down and don't give up until you find it!

This silvery perennial doesn't flower,
but it did well too and I like the cooling effect
of the foliage.
Artemesia maybe?

Are you encouraged yet?

It's not the best bed I've ever planted, but it was very 
satisfying to see whilst we trudged along with  finishing the house.

There are so many beds to work on this spring...
along the retaining walls in the back,
in the driveway circle,
outside my office window
along both sides of the front walkway...
between the house and the pit...

it could get overwhelming,
but it's what we do.
Come up with overwhelming projects
that take years to complete.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite (or bed) at a time!

my fantasy garden is full of these...

how about you?

Rosemary? You out there?


  1. You are a hot mess. The picnic part cracked me up. I'm with you. All I want to do since winter set in is sleep, sleep, sleep. I'm dreaming of warmer days, toiling in my garden and listening to little girls giggle in a pink and purple playhouse. Until then, I think I'll sew!

  2. Well MB, I've been lurking for a while so I guess I'd better say hello. "Hello."

  3. You are so cute and funny! Love your pictures, and also love the pictures you draw in my head with words. Think I will find a bike with a big seat, and a basket...I will bring the cheese, ham,...and Toto and join your picnic, ha! I always read your blog....I think you are "super woman"!

  4. you are hillarious. i think i say that everytime, but it's true. i wish you would plant some big tomato crops 'cause i need someone who wants to share.

  5. Well, hmmmmffff, I can see my comments have gone unnoticed! AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You make me laugh out loud, in writing and in person. You are awesome.

  6. i know, right lezlie? i always read and comment! guess we don't count?


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