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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby Lilacs and Sheet Rock...mmmmmmmm!

I wish you could smell these little lilacs.  

They are so proud of themselves 
for making it through the winter
and want everyone to know
that they have arrived!

Hello Lilacs!

Lilacs will always remind me
of my mother-in-law

Her lilac bush was huge, 
and we took pictures of the kids every year at Easter
  in front of the lilac bush.

My friend Gail brought me this one and her twin
because she heard me say that I had always 
wanted a lilac bush of my own.
Stick your head down here and take a sniff....



All sheet rock has been hung and
the taping / mudding crew started today!

Here is some of that tape/mud goodness

Look how they covered every inch of the floor
with brown paper and tape so that when they are done
they just roll up the mess and leave!

I love these guys!
( I am the Chief Sweeper around here, and let me tell you,
this stuff makes a mess on the floor!)

The rooms are really looking like rooms now!


They wear these stilt like things to avoid having to climb
up and down ladders all day,
fetching more mud and tape.

Also it makes them look cool.

Here is O.T.
He runs this crew.
He owns this crew.

What O.T. says,
the crew does.

O.T. does 
the metal edging
and who knows what all else.
Stay tuned.
He started doing this when he was 14 and is now 45.
O.T. knows his mud.

It has been a good day in the land of cedars...
a very good day.


  1. Oh, how exciting. Walls!! I love those arches.

  2. WOW! Maybe you can live there one day...it's going to be a real house!! So excited. Love the Gus shirt on FIL. Way to represent :)

  3. Mary Beth, Thank you for your visit. Your lilacs are lovely and your home is coming along. When do you hope to be in? It is so nice and spacious!
    About your question, Savannah rain is an essential oil I bought on a recent trip to Savannah. It is only sold in 1 store in Savannah- Scents of Savannah. They ship everywhere.
    Have a blessed Sunday,

  4. what happened to the brown bird theme? it was my favorite. this is too girly for a house building blog.

  5. That is so AWESOME, Mary Beth! It's coming together, and the sneak peak looks like it's going to be worth the wait. Can't wait to more of the progress. (the lilacs are pretty too :-) )

  6. I love lilacs. I can't wait for mine to bloom. Your house is going to be so beautiful. When do you hope to have it completed... hopefully this won't be another 10 year project :)

  7. Hi Mary Beth~
    Thanks so much for stopping by my place and leaving a comment. :-)

    I LOVE lilacs...and it was so freshing to see yours....as the lilacs in my yard haven't started to bloom yet.

    Have a BLESSED weekend.


  8. I'm looking forward to following along...it's going to be beautiful...I can tell.



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