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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old Glory

I thought I would give you a peek at the flag display that the VFW post puts out
every Memorial Day
at Highland Cemetery.
I didn't know if they would 
go ahead as planned, 
since there were
scattered showers
in the forecast.
I was happy
when I caught sight of them,
in the breeze.

I was not really successful
in capturing the 
feeling that you get
when you see this many
of these beauties.
The light wind was perfect
because it kept them
constantly moving,
but different.

I'll bet that
at the committee meeting
where this idea first came up,
somebody must have said,
that is just too much.
Wasteful misuse of funds.
Who will put them up?
Wh0 will take them down?
Where would we store them?
What about the weather?
It's just too much.
Too much trouble.
Too much money.
Too much work.
Too much.

Well, I am glad the idea person won.
It is too much.
It is too wonderful.
It is too beautiful.
Sometimes an idea is just too good.

It won't be on the news...
It's just a little thing some folks
in a little town in Kansas 
do to remember the fallen
heroes and loved ones
on Memorial Day.
And I love it.


  1. You know I think you are already attached to "scout".....I am - how is she??? Poor thing. Needs some love. Needs a cuddle. Fill us in.....

  2. scout never came back after that second day...I have the worst luck with stray visitors. I took real food over for her, but she was well on her journey I guess. I hope she was refreshed and encouraged to carry on!


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