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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

let it rain!

I noticed the other day that there are a lot of these around...

Do you know what that means???
Pie. Cobbler.  Ice Cream with

I also noticed that this is the view from my "e-Space",
right next to the laundry room.

Peaceful, isn't it??
Those are Longhorn Cattle.
I'll bet Pioneer Woman doesn't have any of those!

Ok, ok, I'll quit stalling.
Here are the pictures you have been waiting for.
Here is the thing that makes us smile from
ear to ear.
Hear is the thing that makes 
everything all right.

It's the bulldozer moving dirt.
Pushing that nice crumbly dry-ish dirt 
into the big trench all around the house.
No more gaping ditch.
No more agonizing every morning
and every night
while the weather man says
yet again,
rain tomorrow.
All day.
All night.

Let's look at it in wonder... and awe.

This is a true craftsman at work

Total control.

Let's sit and rest awhile
while this bad boy does
the hard work.

Let the rains come.
We have a yard.
The backfilling is done.


  1. yeah! i'm so glad dirt is being moved! weather. it's a big deal, huh? easy to forget there are still these major variables in our lives that we have no control over at all. it's already warm enough here to go to the beach (i did that last wed), but not to get in the water. Unless you're crazy. Or four (we had a four year old with us and she was all about that wading pool, freezing or not). We've actually run our A/C in our bedroom the last 3 nights and we've slept soo much better. . . we can't help it, we're americans. americans have DNA that makes them sleep better in air-conditioning!


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