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Monday, May 11, 2009



Today there is back-filling going on.  That is where the bulldozer comes in and moves all the huge dirt piles by dumping the dirt into the huge trench that has surrounded the basement walls.

We have been waiting for three weeks now for the rains to stop long enough for the dirt to dry, so that the bulldozer wouldn't be dumping sopping mud into the trench.  It's a little damp today, but there is rain forecasted for 3-4 days every week for the next 5 weeks.  The sun is shining brightly today and it has to happen .  It's today or next year.  Well, that's a little dramatic but I have been called a drama queen in my past life.

The first thing they did today was fill the the hole around where the garage sits.  The bulldozer would dump in the dirt, then Jim would shovel/spread it around, then Brian would operate the  "whacker-packer" and pound it down.  This keeps the dirt from settling once they pour the garage floor.  Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of this phenomenon.  When I took Jim his lunch, he was livid about the fact that he, a 60 year old man was "out-shoveling" the two punks that came over to do that job.  Is anyone surprised here???  My man is tired.

Then the bulldozer took over, moving dirt and  dumping dirt.( repeat.)  This will go on most of the day.  

I will bring you pictures of this blessed event later today.  For now, let's bask in the mental picture of dirt piles being gobbled up by a big yellow machine, trenches being filled with dry dirt, my hubby turning cartwheels....that does conjure up an interesting mental picture, now doesn't it?  

We are both turning cartwheels in our hearts, because now we are back on track.  Whenever Preston and his framing team are ready to start, we will be ready for them!  Lumber, nails and hammering galore! Walls!  Doors and windows!  Sheetrock!  Paint!  Shingles!  Stone!  Whew!
The boring part is behind us, students!  

Fasten your seatbelts!

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