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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

I have been so thankful that the plants I plopped into the ground early this spring

have kept right on growing,
and growing
and growing

without any instructions from me.

I have been busy


and here

We are in week four of the Nursery Remodel at our church
and hopefully by Sunday we will be all nestled back into our new nest.
Until then, this is all you get!

I promise I'll post more pictures when we get her all prettied up
for the Big Reveal.

I am so glad that I have such a beautiful haven
right outside my back door
to gaze at when I come home from a long day of

ordering working men around...

Well, actually, watching my husband order working men around.

Here is the skinny hallway we used to walk through to get into the nursery.
Good bye skinny hallway!
Good bye wall!

Oops, back to the back yard...

I just thought you might like to see how my back
yard has been getting along without us
to tell it what to do.

This is called Autumn Sage.
It is my new favorite perrenial.
We had a mild winter, to I don't know how hardy it is,
but it blooms like this all summer and then when fall arrives
it goes nuclear with blooms.

This one is called Lipstick and is a pretty tropical pink.
I have others in a more lavendar pink, and also purple.
Humminbirds love it too!

Can you tell I have a thing for grasses? 
They have a way of swaying in the wind
that is so soothing.
I planted them on purpose,
 so that when the Kansas wind is howling,
I can feel soothed.
Or somethin.

Speaking of soothing....

Here comes my sailor now!
Just out for an evening cruise in the
newly cleaned and motorized
WT Pit Crawler!

I'll be glad when hubs takes those red poles out...
I had forgotten how ugly there are until I looked at the preview,
but I refer you back to those howling Kansas winds.
He is a firm believer in strong farm poles to give a new tree
a fair chance in this harsh land we live in!

Here's the fire pit waiting for you all to come out for
a wienie roast and a swim!

We are so blessed
to live in such a beautiful
God has been so good to us!

Tomorrow it's back to work,
but for this evening,
it's time to chill out on the porch
and relax!

Happy summer week everybody!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics of the house! It is looking BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to visit! Even though it will be December, I'm gonna be OUTSIDE every day! LOVE YOU!


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