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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So Thankful!

I'm so thankful that

the weather is so mild and mellow right now, mild enough for us to sit out on the deck and drink our coffee. Jim spied an 8 point buck charging across the road yesterday morning while he was out there.
A flock of about 25 geese have been visiting our pit for the last couple of evenings too.

The smell of wood smoke is in the air.

On a really still day I can hear these guys practicing from the deck...

and the Gorillas are now MIAA Div II champs and I will get a couple more chances to hear and see this band perform!  GOOOOOOOOORILLAS!  Go Pride of the Plains Band!!!!

And in a very few days,
most of my family will be gathered around the table, giving thanks for each other,
for loved ones far away,
for another year of blessings,
for health

for growth and change and traditions that draw us together.

We will eat.
We will shop.
We will watch football.
We will slap up my Christmas decorations.....

And I will begin packing for a very special trip.
I will get to hold this baby...
for days and days on end.
And kiss him for days and days on end.

And in between those hugs and kisses, I will be chasing this precious little girl and reading her stories enough to last for the next year.  Maybe we will do a craft, or go for a walk in the park, or take a nap together.
God willing.

I am so blessed and thankful!

Giving Thanks!

   Have a wonderful day.....hug your loved ones....count your blessings!



  1. Got all teared up at the kids' pics. . . We continue to count down to the big day. Send me your itinerary when you get a chance. . . YEAH!!!

  2. Oh those kids are too cute, I hope you have a wonderful visit with them.

  3. Treasured memories to come! Enjoy them each one. I was just commenting to my husband tonight about how much better I feel this year as compared to last year. Today is my son's 11th birthday, and we had the best time just being together as a family. I even made a delicious chocolate cake for him from scratch. I'm looking forward to next week's visit to my husband's folks in Chapel Hill, NC. We love Chapel Hill... so lovely this time of year.

    Happy Thanksgiving, friend.



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