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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Comes In

In a few days it will be December
and the season
and Peace
will be upon us.

Years ago, I realized that things like love, joy and peace 
don't just happen because 
Tis the Season.

Every year,
somewhere in the midst of 
the hustle and bustle,
the stress of getting all the teacher's presents
the grandparent's presents,
and the kid's presents bought,
the children's pageant rehearsed,
some random regional attempt at the Nutcracker  attended,
the cookie exchange cookies baked,
and the white elephant  wrapped,
I tend to really dislike what Christmas has become.

What I have let it become.
What I have made it.

I become tired, bone tired.
Distracted and grumpy.

Christmas Comes In.

Some years it is a memory.
And some years, a song 
or a sweet act of kindness
when least expected.
A hug.

A verse.

It's like the whole mess has no meaning until that moment-
that magical moment when I remember
the beginning, 
the wonder 
the reason.

Christmas Comes In 

I never know when it will happen
but in the weeks to come, 
I will be watching for it,
and hoping for it
for you too.

In that quiet moment,
I hope you feel the 
and love
that we have 
because He came.

When Christmas Comes In.


  1. How sweet. Yes, it is time to remember why we are celebrating.

  2. Beautifully said...

    Blessings and peace to you as you make your Bethlehem pilgrimage. May Christ surprise you in new and unexpected ways.


  3. SO poetic! I love that moment when it's new again.

  4. Ah, I love you! I just read this today but Sunday evening your phrase "Christmas comes in" came to mind. The girls were acting out the nativity wearing my kitchen towels as head coverings and offering the baby Jesus an empty Sprite bottle filled with rice. Their little dialogue was so sweet and heartfelt. It was my perfect, magical "Christmas comes in" moment.


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