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Monday, August 29, 2011

Road Trip part 4..South Dakota!

Although we didn't plan on being in the middle of

the annual

Sturgis Rally Week,

that's where we ended up.

 and tens of thousands of

Harley Bikers.

We really just wanted to see these guys.

And we DID see them!

They are impressive,
and though I enjoyed
seeing them,
I was more interested in
reading about how they were sculpted from the granite
and the tools that were used to do it.

How one man with an idea
got together with the sculptor
and they put their heads together
and said "we can do this!"

One sculptor and a team of men,
ordinary men,

with ordinary tools...

it blows my mind.

Look closely and you can see the carvings.....
trust me, they're up there!

As impressive as this feat was,

it paled in my book,
compared to the natural beauty that surrounds it.

One of our most scenic days by far was the day
we drove through Custer State Park
to get to the Mt. Rushmore site.

Breathtaking beauty up close and personal!

The eye of the needle...

I know now why this is such a magnet for bikers...

The scenery is awesome, the air is cool and clear, and the roads are winding and curvy...
Biker Bliss!

We tried to fit in,
but the only leather between us was Jim's white tennis shoes!
I had bought a do-rag at a truck stop along the way,
but it was just not that flattering,
and you know how fussy I can be about that!

No pictures of that nonsense...you know what they say,
what happens in Sturgis, stays in Sturgis!

 We just did silly things that tourists do...

I'm not sure that was flattering either! ;)

Back in Hill City, where we spent our nights
away from the roar of tens of thousands of Harleys,
these two were enjoying a little peace and quiet

me too!
Do you realize how noisy tens of thousands of Harleys are???

Bone rattlin noisy!

As much as I hated to leave this beauty behind,
I must confess
I was starting to get homesick...
and sick of riding around in a truck!

The road called out again,
and this time,
we would really be headed for home!

Next stop...Mitchell, South Dakota!
Who knew SD had so much to see and do???
Not me!


  1. What a great trip...I have been to South Dakota and what beautiful sunsets they have. Did you go to the Indian monument and tour. Its really something to see.
    Keep taking picture I love seeing them.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  2. I know how loud two or three Harleys can be--tens of thousands--oi vei! I wish I could spend about a week out in that wilderness and quiet! Today is the first day of the Eid here and so it sounds like the 4th of July all day with people shooting off fireworks and such.

  3. Hi Mary Beth,
    You captured some gorgeous photos! I have always wanted to get to Mt. Rushmore but I haven't made it there yet. It really looks beautiful!!
    We have a friend who has a Harley and went to Sturgis for the first time this year. Maybe you passed him on the road, he started in Kansas City!

  4. Just a lovely place. What a man made wonder too! Very nice photos!


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