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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Trip part 3...water and rocks and bears! Oh my!

Are you hot, sweaty and tired of summer?

Well, sit back and enjoy
the breathtaking views
and up close and personal


Beautiful Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park!

Can you tell that we loved the water?  Waterfalls around every bend in the road!
Clear, cold , running water. Roaring rivers, meandering streams, and sparkling lakes.
I need a job writing travel brochures!

The second most photographed item in the Yellowstone National Park is...


My husband's biggest regret of the entire trip is
that he couldn't
get the zoom feature on my little camera to work...
 when he discovered this friend,
munching berries a mere 30 feet away from him..

(Note: There is a reason that signs everywhere state: Do NOT get closer than 100 feet of wildlife!)

Everyone else had left the area,
 had grown tired of waiting
for this guy to amble out of the brush.
 They had wisely moved on.

Not easily discouraged,
my hubby waited.
And waited.

His patience was finally rewarded
when this guy's head popped up
from the berry bush,
and he looked straight at the photographer~

My man did not run.
He stood there and fiddled with the zoom button.
They say you should not run,
so he didn't!

Damn zoom!
Oh well,
I know it's a true story,
because my husband
took about 30 minutes
to calm down!

Once his hands stopped shaking,
we moved on.
Hubs took one million up close shots of
Safe, unmoving, rocks.

Massive Rocks.

Rock climbing school seems to be  in session...
either that, or they are both taking a pee break!

Ready everyone?

Do you see them?

Let's have some more of that cool, peaceful water - shall we?

Ahhhhhhhhh! We don't see much of this in Kansas.
In fact, we don't see any of this!

I chose to sit right here
and rest while my man
climbed on up to the top.

Thanking the Lord for allowing me to be here, for my family,
praying for each of them, one by one....

I sweet place I will not soon forget!

It was so much fun to see all of the wildflowers EVERYWHERE

Unfortunately, some of the prettiest ones were right on the edge of the road
on a hairpin turn with no shoulder,
where you wouldn't dare stop your truck!

and the luscious plantings EVERYWHERE
something about the dry, cool mountain air .... the flowers love it!

What a wonderful 4 days....
we didn't see it all,
I know we will come back for more someday.

We must move on...
the road is calling once again.

It's Rally Week, after all!

Stay tuned!


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  2. I just love these posts. A bear?! How did I miss that story? Great photography, MIL! Great creation, God! Loved the idea of you sitting by a waterfall lifting up the fam. You are such a warrior! Teach me! Love you. P.S. There is a very hairy man in your picture.

  3. Hi Mary Beth-

    I love to travel and have seen quite a bit of the US, but not Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Love your photos. I am hoping to take a trip out there someday.
    My best- Diane

  4. It's hard to believe there is real postcard beauty out there... especially since I live on level ground with "hot" all around. My kids took a trip with my parents several years ago to these very spots. Of course, the beauty was lost on them, but my mom has many similar pictures in her scrapbook.

    Honestly, if my husband told me we were moving to the mountains, I'd be packed and ready to go tomorrow. Truly, my heart resides there.

    Thanks for the respite.


  5. Hi Marybeth,
    I have not been to yellowstone since I was a little girl...beautiful, beautiful.
    I live only 1 hour from Yosemite and you know I have not been there either for years..I really need to go..
    I look forward to seeing more photo's.. Tell hubby he was brave...
    I have become your newest follower.
    Thank you for visiting me at Home Where the Heart is..athomewithelizabethgary.blogspot.com
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  6. Spectacular! I need to get here too! I would never want to leave. You got wonderful shots anyway.


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